It is clear that the inheritance tax on the inheritance of Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Go-ni, who has led Samsung Group, the largest conglomerate in Korea for many years, will exceed 1 trillion yen in Japanese yen, the highest level ever in Korea. became.

Lee Kun-hee, who served as chairman of Samsung Electronics in South Korea and is known for growing the Samsung Group, the largest conglomerate worldwide, died last October and has a legacy of 2.5 trillion yen in Japanese yen. It is expected to reach a yen scale.

Samsung Electronics announced on the 28th that the inheritance tax of Mr. Lee's heritage will exceed 12 trillion won and about 1.17 trillion yen in Japanese yen, which will be the highest level in history not only in Korea but also in the world. did.

The bereaved families plan to pay the inheritance tax in six installments over a five-year period.

In addition, it has been revealed that 1 trillion won of heritage, about 97 billion yen in Japanese yen, will be donated to establish a specialized hospital for infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus and to support children with childhood cancer. did.

In addition, about 23,000 domestic and foreign art works such as Picasso and Monet's works owned by Mr. Lee will be donated to Korean museums and art galleries.

Samsung Electronics explained, "The bereaved families decided to continue their social business because of Mr. Lee's desire to emphasize corporate social responsibility."