To accelerate vaccination against the new coronavirus, the government has decided to begin full-scale preparations for large-scale vaccination venues in Tokyo and Osaka.

In addition, for large-scale inoculation, we are adjusting to use Moderna's vaccine to avoid confusion with Pfizer, and we are proceeding with the procedure for approval next month.

In order to accelerate the vaccination of the new corona virus, Prime Minister Suga said on the 27th that among the large-scale vaccination venues that the government will open in Tokyo and Osaka, the SDF will open the venue in Tokyo on the 24th of next month. Instructed the Minister of Defense Kishi to install and operate.

The inoculation will be carried out by SDF personnel who are qualified as doctors and nurses, and we will continue to secure the necessary personnel for smooth inoculation.

In addition, the Self-Defense Forces will support the establishment and operation of the inoculation site in Osaka, and will make full-scale preparations such as making specific coordination with the local government so that it can be opened early.

Meanwhile, to avoid confusion, the government is coordinating to use Moderna's vaccine instead of Pfizer's vaccine, which is used at municipal vaccination sites, for approval next month. I will proceed with the procedure.