- There are more regions that have a high and rising spread of infection, and Kronoberg is an example of that, where you have perhaps the fastest rising spread of infection right now, Anders Tegnell said at today's press conference.

New top

The figures for week 16 are still preliminary, but the bars show that Kronoberg is at the top when it comes to increasing new cases.

At the end of the week, safe numbers will come, and it may be a new peak.

- It is a worrying situation with many who have tested positive now, says Christian Blomkvist infection control doctor in the Kronoberg Region.

Both young and old

Currently, 8 patients are cared for in the intensive care unit, two of those patients come from other counties.

- Most are born in the 40's 50's and 60's.

But we have about ten patients who are admitted to our hospitals right now who were born in the 80s and 90s and are affected by covid, says infection control doctor Christian Blomkvist.

The region believes that the spread of infection among young people aged 15-19 took off after the Easter break.

- It remains, but there are no signs of slowdown at these ages.

New recommendations may come

The recommendation remains to leave two-thirds of the high school students in place, the rest remotely.

In upper secondary school, there is no general recommendation for distance education, but schools can choose it if the infection is spread.

Depending on how the spread of infection develops in the coming week, regional recommendations can be introduced.

- It must turn downwards either this or next week.