China News Service, April 27. According to the Russian Satellite Network report, on the 27th local time, the US Navy's Sixth Fleet released news that a "Hamilton" class patrol boat of the US Coast Guard was sailing to the Black Sea.

  According to reports, the news stated that the patrol boat will operate with "NATO allies and partners in the region."

The U.S. Sixth Fleet, based in Naples, Italy, often conducts a full range of naval operations with allies and other government partners.

  Earlier, the Russian Black Sea Fleet announced on the 20th that more than 20 warships of the Black Sea Fleet and the attack aircraft group of the Southern Military Region were conducting joint exercises in the Black Sea.

  Affected by the situation in Ukraine, the situation in the Black Sea has also become tense recently.

The United States and Britain have previously expressed their support for Ukraine by sending warships to the Black Sea.

The Russian side stated that the United States and NATO have deployed heavy troops in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea and other Russian border areas, and have strengthened air and maritime reconnaissance activities, threatening Russia's national security.