Whether on the go, at home while playing or for school: children's headphones can be really useful in everyday life.

Children who already have their own cell phone or are allowed to use their parents' devices can enjoy radio plays or their favorite music undisturbed.

And when playing games or homeschooling with the tablet, well-fitting headphones ensure a little more peace at home.

Many kids' models have significantly smaller ear pads and can also be adjusted in size on the bracket so that the headphones can "grow" with age.

Tip: Avoid using in-ear headphones for children, as the ear canal is still too small - over-ear headphones that completely surround the ear or on-ear headphones are the better solution.

The latter are particularly practical in everyday life due to their low weight.

In addition, children's headphones are usually made more robust.

However, children's ears are also particularly sensitive and should therefore be well protected.

Specially developed children's headphones can guarantee this - thanks to an integrated volume control, no tones above 85 decibels are played on many popular models.

Headphones for toddlers: Suitable Bluetooth headphones


The buddyphones * are specially tailored to the needs of toddlers and children:

  • 14 hours of battery life and therefore particularly long-lasting

  • extremely sturdy and can withstand wild play

  • offer a child-friendly volume limit - for a toddler this can even be reduced to 75 decibels


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The Oxendure Bluetooth headphones are a high-quality model for all parents who value both a comfortable fit thanks to over-ear cushions and useful features.

  • integrated radio and microphone

  • Compatible with the aircraft seat audio connections and therefore an ideal travel companion

  • One battery charge lasts up to ten hours

  • The manufacturer recommends use for children aged five and over.


Children's headphones

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Popular children's headphones: Also recommended

Mpow headphones *:


Foldable with over-ear pads as well as integrated hearing protection and Bluetooth function.

They were developed for children between the ages of four and 16 and are accordingly stable.

A slightly cheaper variant of


are the Bluetooth headphones * which are suitable for children and adolescents from 16 years of age.


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The Zapig headphones * were also created especially for children.


The Philips KH402BL * Bluetooth headphones in particular are practical everyday companions.

The on-ear headphones also make it possible to hear some ambient noise.


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Headphones for school and leisure

Parents know: Children often have a preference for a very specific color.

The wired Philips SHK2000PK * with ergonomic headband is available in purple and is therefore a popular headphone for girls.

Other colorful models such as the headphones from Amazon Basics * and Mpow CH6 headphones * for children have a share port that can be used to connect a second pair of headphones.

This is how children can share music with their siblings.

And the low price is also convincing: If the headphones do break or lose, this is easier to get over than with expensive models.


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Bluetooth headphones for children: that's why buying them makes sense

Bluetooth headphones have a great advantage, especially for children: they cannot become tangled or broken when using or playing.

Also important in terms of safety, especially for young children: being able to use headphones wirelessly prevents the little ones from strangling themselves.

Bluetooth headphones are therefore a sensible solution if small children live in the house or if headphones for the little ones between the ages of two and three are needed.

Children's headphones: this is why a volume limit is important

For our ears, 85 decibels are considered the critical limit value - this corresponds, for example, to the noises on a main road.

Loudness in excess of this can significantly damage our hearing.

Children in particular should therefore be protected from too loud noises.

Normal adult headphones usually don't have a volume limit, making it difficult to tell when music is too loud.

Therefore, buying a model with a decibel limit is a sensible decision.

Tip: Do not use a noise-canceling function when buying, because the feature is unsuitable for children, as ambient noise in road traffic may not be perceptible.

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