A bank prevents an Arab from traveling ... and the court compensates him with 20,000 dirhams

A wrong action by a bank caused the arrest of an (Arab) customer at the airport and his inability to travel to check on his father and sister who were infected with the Coronavirus, and to pay condolences for the death of his mother and mother-in-law, after the bank filed a report with the police with incorrect data about the plaintiff. What caused him Material and moral damages, and accordingly the Ras Al Khaimah Commercial Civil Court ruled that the bank must pay the customer 20 thousand dirhams comprehensive compensation and obligated him to pay the fees and attorney fees.

In detail, the client filed a lawsuit, stating that during the completion of his travel procedures at the airport, he was surprised that he was banned from travel and wanted in connection with the case of a check without balance, and he was transferred to the airport police office for investigation, and after the airport police reviewed the image of the check by the plaintiff via the application (WhatsApp) It was confirmed that the signer on the check was someone other than the prosecutor, and he was released with a pledge to report to the police station.

He explained that he went to the police station and it was found that the checks and complaints department did not work on Saturday and Friday, which led to the loss of his trip and the cancellation of his travel, and later went to the bank branch in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and after reviewing the branch manager it became clear that he had nothing to do with the check, and that it would not be amended. Data in the police report.

He added that his name was removed from the report after the data was modified, and the bank’s mistake caused material and moral damage, which was to stop him at the airport and prevent him from checking on his family, as his sister and father were in the hospital for treatment from the Corona virus, and his mother-in-law and mother died and he was unable to travel to them in The right time, in addition to being accused by the bank, in addition to being forced to book another ticket after failing to catch his flight.

The reasons for the ruling stated that the defendant’s mistake caused material damage to the plaintiff in his inability to travel and his return from the airport and the accompanying loss of the value of the travel ticket, the expenses for his transportation to the airport and conducting the necessary analysis for travel, in addition to his having to go to the police station to review the bank. This is material damage, in addition to the moral damage represented by the sense of fear that arose out of his surprise that there was a generalization about him because of a crime he did not commit.

She explained that what happened to the plaintiff requires damage, along with adequate compensation, to redress the material and moral damages, which the court assesses at a value of 20 thousand dirhams, and the bank is obligated to pay it to the plaintiff, in addition to obligating him to pay the expenses and attorney fees. 

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