A member of the Democratic Party, who publicly criticized Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myeong, was dismissed by the Democratic Party's Gangwon Provincial Ethics Tribunal, who deliberated on the issue at the social network service (SNS) over the recent expulsion.

The ethics judge of the faction party today (27th) "is an independent organization that performs its duties independently according to conscience in relation to business and is not subject to any interference from anyone, and strictly observes the party constitution and party regulations without any political judgment regarding the disciplinary action of party members. It was decided, so there is no room for any controversy.”

At the end of February, the Party Member Ethics Tribunal expelled Party Member A, who continued to post slanderous comments on Governor Lee Jae-myeong on the bulletin board of the Rights Party.

Despite receiving a verbal warning in July of last year, Mr. A continued to criticize him, and he was eventually expelled.

The Dodge Ethics Judge requested attendance twice to hear Mr. A's vocation during this process, but he was unable to attend.

After that, the ethics judge made it clear that'there is no room for any controversy', as controversy erupted, such as that the party chairman intervened on social media with the decision of'dismissal' or disciplined a certain faction.

The Provincial Ethics Tribunal explained, "Recognizing this case, it was not disciplinary review and resolution on its own, but the disciplinary petition received by the Central Party was handed over according to the procedure and disciplinary action was taken in accordance with the Party Constitution and Party regulations."

In addition, he said, "Even though we were given an opportunity to call according to the constitution and regulations, we did not attend the meeting of the Ethics Judge twice.