▲ U.S. Supreme Court

Controversy is likely to heat up over the US Supreme Court's choice to hold a hearing on the issue of allowing guns to be carried in public places.

According to local U.S. media, the Supreme Court decided to hear a lawsuit next session in which the New York State Rifles and Pistols Association objected to the New York State's ban on carrying firearms in public places under state law.

The Supreme Court appeals are operated under a thorough appeal permit system, and the Supreme Court only permits about 100 cases each year.

Therefore, reviewing the case itself attracts attention as it implies the possibility of changing the case law.

The New York State Association, an affiliate of the National Firearms Association (NRA), filed a lawsuit alleging that New York State's action to restrict the possession of firearms outside the home violated the Second Amendment Recognizing the possession and carrying of arms, and the lower court refused to accept the claim. .

The Supreme Court consisted of six conservatives versus three progressives, with conservative Justice Amy Connie Barrett joined in October last year.

Justice Barrett is a broader view of gun rights than his predecessor, the AP said.

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