The Dutch Safety Board will investigate how citizens in the Netherlands are protected against the risks of harmful industrial emissions and discharges, to which some people are sometimes exposed for years.

The investigation will start in the vicinity of Tata Steel in IJmuiden, the Dutch Safety Board reports on Monday.

The Dutch Safety Board wants to investigate, among other things, whether, and if so to what extent, the health effects of emissions and discharges are taken into account when permitting them.

The research may be extended to other areas with heavy industry and where problems similar to those in IJmuiden are at play.

Earlier this month it was announced that in the IJmond region, including the steel factory Tata Steel, shipping, air traffic and heavy road transport, many more specific health complaints occur than in other places in the Netherlands.

About 150,000 people live in the region. These are mainly stomach or stomach complaints, nausea or vomiting, eye discomfort, pain or pressure in the chest, headache, dizziness, tightness and itching. In addition, chronic diseases of the heart, lung cancer and diabetes are more common, the province of Noord-Holland reported at the time on the basis of research by the RIVM.