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There is a controversy over the identity of the roar that has turned New Hampshire in the US

On the 25th local time, foreign media such as the US ABC reported that on the evening of the 20th, reports of residents complaining of'earthquake' damage in Kingston, New Hampshire and nearby areas were received one after another.

Resident Sarah Talieri heard a tearing noise around 7 o'clock this evening.

Soon afterward, the whole house was swayed so severely that the frames hung on the wall fell to the floor.

Another resident, Tina Borafael, was also victimized by the incident.

"After I felt the whole house shaking, I checked the exterior wall and there were five or six deep cracks," he explained.

For a while, on social media, testimonies from local residents near Kingston, who were suffering from an unknown roar, poured out.

Most netizens speculated that the earthquake occurred, but the incident fell into a labyrinth when media reports that no earthquake was observed in New Hampshire at the time.

After a while, however, the residents were shocked to hear the announcement of the Kingston Police Department.

This is because the cause of the roar was revealed as a'party' held to reveal the sex of the child in the stomach.

'Gender reveal party' is an American culture in which prospective parents reveal the sex of their upcoming child to relatives.

Various means such as balloons, cakes, and confetti are used. Blue means boys and pink means girls.

Recently, as methods of disclosing gender have diversified, such as fireworks and explosives, such serious safety accidents have been followed.

As a prime example, the firework used at the'Gender Disclosure Party' in September last year was the cause of a large wildfire that started in California.

▲ The picture above is not directly related to the content of the article.

The cause of the roar that shook New Hampshire this time was also revealed by explosives. Kingston police said, "The

prospective parents used 36kg of an explosive mixture of'tannerite' to explode a container with chalk powder. It

was determined that they had obtained permission to use the vacant lot in advance



Resident Talieri was embarrassed, saying, "It's ridiculous. I can't believe that the party put so many people at risk."

Netizens also raised their voices, saying, "Does it make sense to allow explosives weighing up to 36kg in the vicinity of the residence?" and "Not only the parties, but all responsible persons should be punished."

The man who detonated the explosives surrendered to the police, and the police are said to be considering what charges to apply to the man.

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