Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne meets the social partners on Monday to discuss the relaxation of health rules in companies from mid-May, the date announced by Emmanuel Macron for the lifting of certain restrictions.

Teleworking, company restaurants, departure drink and wearing a mask: here are the avenues envisaged.

While traders and restaurateurs are preparing to reopen in mid-May, companies are also trying to anticipate the end of the Covid-19 crisis: what rules will have to be put in place with deconfinement?

This is the question on which the social partners and the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, who are meeting on Monday will be working.

On the side of the Ministry of Labor, it is assured that "nothing will move before mid-May", that is to say before the executive has confirmed the reopening of shops, restaurants and cultural places.

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Reduction of teleworking

The first relief measure will concern teleworking.

The idea is to go from four or five days of teleworking per week, as currently, to three or even two days.

All this will be done gradually, says one in the entourage of Elisabeth Borne.

Another easing measure on the table: the rules of distancing in company restaurants.

In mid-May, it will again be possible to have lunch with one or more colleagues, while respecting a certain number of barrier gestures.


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"It is not tomorrow that we risk removing the mask"

Finally, moments of conviviality such as starting drinks will again be authorized. Here again, they will be the subject of a precise sanitary protocol. On the other hand, there is no question of distinguishing between vaccinated employees and others. The rules will be the same for everyone. In all cases, it will be necessary to continue to respect the barrier gestures. And the entourage of the Minister specifies that "it is not tomorrow that we risk removing the mask in business".