Bad Girlfriends Coax a Teenager into Addicting "Tasty Juice"

Bad friends led a 16-year-old Arab teenager to the path of addiction, after tempting her to try what they described as "delicious juice" until she turned her basement into a den for abuse, and committed a severe traffic accident with her mother's car, which she drove without her knowledge and without a license while under the influence of psychotropic substances. Until her family discovered the matter, she sought help from the Hemaya International Center at the General Department for Drug Control in Dubai Police, seeking psychological support and treatment.

The head of the addiction counseling and aftercare department at Hemaya International Center, First Lieutenant Khawla Jaber Sultan Al-Obaidli, said that the girl is distinguished by personality, ambitious and attractive, but she did not receive adequate care from her parents and suffered the neglect of her parents, which prompted her to fall into the arms of bad friends in order to fill free time and entertainment.

Al-Obaidli added during her dialogue with the Hemaya patrol issued by the General Department for Drug Control in Dubai Police that the relationship of the teen for whom she chose the name "Dana" has become more than just "spending an enjoyable time." Her parents noticed a clear change in her personality, and she became rebellious, reckless, irritable, angry and tending to isolation. , She also showed reckless, violent and hostile behaviors with her family members, but her appearance differed and no longer adhered to the traditional character, and she became appearing in a bold Western way.  

Al-Obaidli explained that her parents initially thought that these changes were normal during adolescence, but they had great doubts after Dana caused a traffic accident, as a result of the collision of the car she was driving with several cars, in an irresponsible act that endangered her life and the safety of other road users, especially since she was She drives her mother's car without her knowledge and also without a driver's license, and she has not shown any remorse for it.

She continued that her mother noticed that her daughter was spending a long time in the basement of the house, and when she asked her about the reason, Dana justified that it was calm and ideal for studying and focusing, and one day the mother was exhausted and suffering from a strong headache, and she saw the girl on her way to the basement with a cup of juice, so she asked her to give her The juice she carried, and brought herself another cup, but she was shocked, as the girl rushed to the bathroom and poured the juice into the sink, and tension, confusion and fear were evident on her.

Al-Obaidli said that a violent confrontation occurred later between the mother, father and their daughter, during which Dana admitted that she was addicted to drugs and that she was driving her mother's car in that accident under the influence of psychotropic substances. Confidentiality, and comprehensive psychological support was provided to all family members, and the specialized team worked to contain the feelings of fear in the girl and encourage her to start over and transfer her to receive treatment and follow up on her condition periodically.   

Khawla Al-Obaidly, head of the addiction counseling and aftercare department at the International Child Protection Center, affirmed that children are in constant need of guidance, counseling and awareness by parents, as neglecting them in general leads to dire results, and pushes them to search for a social environment in which they feel appreciated, enjoyable and challenged, which facilitates their influence with those around them from friends.

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