A married couple from


(Alicante) have been arrested by the

National Police

accused of committing

sexual abuse

and filming naked women and adolescent girls who came to their beauty salon.

The agents have found more than 500 recordings with a hidden camera lasting five hours each in which they have identified

83 victims

, most of whom were receiving hair removal treatment in the genital area.

The detainees, as revealed by the National Police, had a camera placed on the ceiling of the room, hidden in the ventilation grille, from where they obtained an overhead shot.

They completed it with images of the victims' genitals that they obtained with a "

spy camera pen

" that they placed as close as possible on the stretcher where the clients lay.

In the recordings, in addition, it is visualized that some of the victims were not only recorded but also suffered sexual abuse, since

the detainee massaged the genitals

for several minutes "even reaching carnal access with the excuse of the aesthetic treatment that the victim was being carried out, "says the police report.

The investigation has located material recorded since 2012, when the woman began working at the clinic, and from other clients who continued to be treated at their own home when the clinic closed.

The detainees are charged with alleged crimes of sexual abuse, discovery and disclosure of secrets as well as production, distribution and possession of

child pornography



It was precisely international cooperation that put on alert after the notice from the United States Embassy that a user in Spain was uploading files in which minors appeared being victims of touching.

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