, April 25. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Compulsory Education School Assignments" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). All assignments are approved and revised, and students are not required to approve and revise themselves; at the same time, homework is not assigned to parents.

It is strictly forbidden to assign or disguise assignments to parents, and it is strictly prohibited to ask parents to correct the assignments.

Ministry of Education (data map) Photo by Fu Yu

  The "Notice" pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the function of homework education.

Homework is an important part of school education and teaching management and a necessary supplement to classroom teaching activities.

All local schools must follow the laws of education, insist on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, strictly implement curriculum standards and teaching plans, and insist on zero-start teaching in the first grade.

On the basis of improving the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching, we will give full play to the function of homework education, arrange scientific, reasonable and effective homework, help students consolidate knowledge, form abilities, cultivate habits, help teachers detect teaching effects, accurately analyze academic conditions, and improve teaching methods. Promote schools to improve teaching management, carry out scientific evaluation, and improve the quality of education.

  The "Notice" requires strict control of the total amount of written work.

Schools must ensure that there are no written homework assignments in the first and second grades of elementary school, and appropriate consolidation exercises can be arranged in the school; the average time to complete written homework in other grades of primary school per day does not exceed 60 minutes; the average time to complete written homework per day in junior high school does not exceed 90 minutes.

The total amount of written work time should also be controlled on weekends, winter and summer vacations, and statutory holidays.

  The "Notice" proposes to innovate the types of operations.

Schools should reasonably arrange different types of assignments such as written assignments, scientific inquiry, physical exercise, art appreciation, social and labor practice, etc. according to the school period, subject characteristics, and students' actual needs and ability to complete.

Encourage the placement of layered homework, flexible homework and personalized homework, scientifically design exploratory homework and practical homework, and explore cross-disciplinary comprehensive homework.

Effectively avoid mechanical and ineffective training, and strictly prohibit repetitive and punitive operations.

  The "Notice" proposes to improve the quality of job design.

Schools should make homework design the focus of school-based teaching and research, and systematically select, edit, and create basic homework that conforms to the law of learning and reflects the orientation of quality education.

Teachers should improve their ability to design homework independently, accurately design homework according to the different situations of students, select the content of homework based on actual academic conditions, and reasonably determine the number of homework. The difficulty of homework should not exceed the requirements of national curriculum standards.

Educational administrative departments in various regions should regularly organize and carry out teacher training and teaching and research activities for homework design and implementation, regularly organize and carry out excellent homework selection and display exchange activities, and strengthen the co-construction and sharing of high-quality homework resources.

Teaching and research institutions should strengthen research and guidance on the design and implementation of school homework.

  The "Notice" pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the guidance for the completion of homework.

Teachers should make full use of classroom teaching time and after-school service time to strengthen students' homework guidance, cultivate students' autonomous learning and time management abilities, and guide primary school students to basically complete written homework in school, and junior high school students to complete most of the written homework in school.

  The "Notice" emphasizes that the feedback homework must be carefully corrected.

Teachers must approve all assignments of students’ assignments, and must not require students to approve and correct themselves, and strengthen the educating function of homework correction and feedback.

Assignment corrections should be correct and standardized, and comments should be appropriate.

Accurately analyze the academic situation through homework, and adopt group comment, individual explanation and other methods to give targeted and timely feedback. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the guidance and assistance for students with learning difficulties.

Where conditions permit, encourage the scientific use of information technology to conduct job analysis and diagnosis.

  The "Notice" made it clear that no homework will be assigned to parents.

It is strictly forbidden to assign or disguise assignments to parents, and it is strictly prohibited to ask parents to correct the assignments.

Guide parents to establish correct educational concepts, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of family education, create a good family education atmosphere, rationally arrange children's after-school life, and form a collaborative education force with the school; supervise children to actively complete school assignments after returning home, and guide children Engage in household chores within one's ability to encourage children to persist in interesting physical exercises and social practices; no additional homework assignments.

  The "Notice" emphasizes that training outside the school is strictly prohibited.

All localities shall, in accordance with the relevant national regulations, regard the prohibition of leaving homework as an important part of the daily supervision of off-campus training institutions, resolutely prevent off-campus training institutions from leaving homework for primary and middle school students, and effectively avoid reducing the burden on school and increasing the burden outside school.

  At the same time, the "Notice" proposes to improve the operation management mechanism.

Educational administrative departments in various regions should guide schools to improve the rules of homework management, clarify specific work requirements, and publicize them in schools.

Schools should earnestly perform the main responsibility of homework management, strengthen the management of the whole process of homework, make plans for student homework at the beginning of each semester, strengthen the overall coordination of grade groups and subject groups, reasonably determine the proportion structure of each subject's homework, and establish the total amount of homework review and supervision Regular quality evaluation system.

  Finally, the "Notice" pointed out that it should be included in the supervision and evaluation.

Educational administrative departments in all regions should include homework management in county compulsory education and school quality evaluation.

The supervision department shall regard the operation management as an important part of the supervision and inspection of school-running behaviors and the daily supervision of responsible supervision.

Schools should incorporate homework design, correction and feedback into the assessment and evaluation of teachers' professionalism and teaching performance.

All localities should set up supervision telephones and reporting platforms, unblocked channels for reporting problems and opinions, and earnestly implement various work requirements to ensure that the work management of compulsory education schools achieves practical results.