Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - Eintracht Frankfurt's President Peter Fischer expects further changes to the Champions League after the reform that has just been adopted.

“It is true that the reform of the Champions League is not something that will help us tremendously.

There will be other ideas to use the money printing machine football in some form, ”said the Hessian club boss in the ZDF“ sports studio ”on Sunday night.

"I think that the reform will definitely be tweaked again."

According to a decision by the Executive Committee of the European Football Union, 36 instead of 32 teams will play in the Champions League from 2024, and each team will play ten instead of six group games. Fischer clearly criticized the failed plans of twelve European top clubs to found their own Super League. "This elite class of clubs that want to offset their financial mismanagement by inventing a money printing machine and camouflaging it under the football super league, that's one thing that doesn't work at all," said the 65-year-old. "That was badly thought and badly done." Eight of the twelve founding members involved have now moved away from the competition for the UEFA Champions League.

Football belongs to the fans, said Fischer.

“When football passes by the fans, when it loses its identity and also the sense of why football is played, from the children, the enthusiasm, the symbols, who negates that and does nothing but“ how can I get money into my clubs get ", with this principle football will no longer work."


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