The 4th Digital China Construction Summit opens in Fuzhou


  Approved by the Party Central Committee, the 4th Digital Conference is co-sponsored by the National Internet Information Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and the People’s Government of Fujian Province, and undertaken by the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government and other relevant units. The China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province from April 25th to 26th.

  Summit theme: Inspire new kinetic energy of data elements and start a new journey of digital China

  Summit positioning: my country's informatization development policy release platform, digital China development achievement display platform, e-government and digital economy theoretical experience and practical exchange platform, and a cooperation platform that gathers global forces to promote the construction of digital China and digital Silk Road

  Summit content: including the opening ceremony, main forum, sub-forums, results exhibition, innovation competition, policy release, project docking and signing, and exchange activities such as "Fuzhou, Dialogue with the Future" and "Minjiang Night Talk".

The "Cloud Summit" platform was established, and the "Cloud Exhibition Hall" was set up simultaneously for the achievement exhibition.

  Digital Fuzhou is on a new journey of development

  Digital Fujian is the source of thought and the starting point of practice for the construction of Digital China.

  Since 2018, the Digital China Construction Summit has been settled in Fuzhou, Fujian. In the past three years, the summit has inserted digital wings for Fuzhou's economic and social development, and Digital Fuzhou has embarked on a new journey of development.

  With "the first city of digital applications in the country" as the work strategy, and with the goal of building a "digital China model city", we will accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, focusing on the development of digital economy, building digital government, building a smart society, and creating a digital ecosystem Etc., digital Fuzhou has become an important engine to promote Fuzhou's construction as a modern international city.

  In 2020, the scale of Fuzhou’s digital economy will reach 460 billion yuan, accounting for more than 45% of GDP; industrial bases such as display, optoelectronics, Internet of Things, software, and big data will continue to grow; 600 million items, centered on "Internet + government services", launched "immediately", "one-time", "handheld office", "packaged office", "same city office", and opened the "inter-provincial office" in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, according to Xiamen University According to the assessment by the China Business Environment Research Center, Fuzhou's ranking of the ease of business environment has risen to 28th in the world. According to the "2020 Digital Government Development Index Report" released by the Data Governance Research Center of Tsinghua University, Fuzhou's digital government development ranks first in the provincial capital. 4; digital application highlights frequently appear, the country's first city-level face recognition public service platform is launched, the online "huimin capital network" has opened up the "last mile" of Huimin capital supervision, and trusted digital identity authentication and smart parking have been launched The construction of a number of application scenarios, such as the intelligent monitoring platform for dump trucks and the "smart" water system joint row and joint commissioning, has been awarded the "China Leading Smart City Award" for five consecutive years.

  The successful holding of the first three summits attracted a number of well-known domestic companies and projects such as Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Bytedance, and Berry Gene to land in Fuzhou.

Fuzhou has signed over 300 projects with a total investment of over 320 billion yuan. Nearly 80% of them have been successfully transformed and implemented. These projects have a significant driving effect and promote the leapfrog development of digital Fuzhou.

  Taking advantage of the summit, Fuzhou comprehensively deployed new infrastructure, issued a three-year action plan and supporting policies for the new infrastructure, and implemented 175 key projects in the first batch.

At the same time, actively participate in the construction of the national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone to promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy; continue to innovate digital governance, enrich the digital application scenarios, and make the convenience brought by the digital economy within reach.

  Today, the 4th Digital China Construction Summit is grandly held in Fuzhou. We sincerely welcome old and new friends to enter the fresh and blessed state of Fujian, to participate in a grand digital construction event and talk about the new future of digital construction.

  Data source: Propaganda Department of Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China


  Sunday, April 25

  Opening Ceremony and Main Forum

  Main forum

  Big Data Sub-forum

  Digital government sub-forum (e-government sub-forum)

  Digital Ecology Sub-Forum

  Data and Algorithm Sub-forum

  Software Open Source Ecological Sub-forum (Software Open Source Ecological Summit Sub-forum)

  Sub-forum on Digital Transformation (Sub-forum on Digital Transformation of State-owned Enterprises)

  Digital Economy Sub-forum

  Digital Silk Road Sub-forum (Digital Silk Road and China-ASEAN Smart City International Cooperation Sub-forum)

  Digital China Innovation Competition · Youth AI Robot Track Finals

  "Fuzhou with Fuzhou, Dialogue with the Future" event

  Achievement Exhibition

  "Minjiang Night Talk" event

  Monday, April 26

  Digital City Sub-forum (Modern Digital City Sub-forum)

  Industrial Internet Sub-forum

  Energy Internet Sub-forum

  Artificial Intelligence Sub-forum (Artificial Intelligence-Social Governance Sub-forum from the Perspective of Social Experiments)

  Digital Technology Innovation Sub-forum (Digital Technology Innovation-Industrial Technology Software Development Sub-forum)

  Digital Village Sub-Forum

  Digital Sports Sub-forum

  Sub-forum on the construction of new urban infrastructure

  Network and Information Security Sub-forum

  Digital Society Sub-Forum

  Internet of Things Sub-forum

  Digital Fujian Sub-Forum

  Achievement Exhibition

  Digital China Innovation Competition Cyber ​​Security Circuit (Fuzhou) Finals

  Digital China Innovation Competition·Digital Government Track Finals and Summit Forum

  Digital China Innovation Competition · Youth AI Robot Track Finals

  "Fuzhou with Fuzhou, Dialogue with the Future" event

  Digital China Innovation Competition Award Ceremony & Summit Sponsor Award Ceremony

  Signing Ceremony for Major Projects of Digital Economy

  Tuesday, April 27

  "Fuzhou with Fuzhou, Dialogue with the Future" event

  Achievement Exhibition

  Wednesday, April 28

  Achievement Exhibition

  Thursday, April 29

  Achievement Exhibition

  If there is any fine-tuning, the on-site arrangement shall prevail.