Following the spread of the new coronavirus, we have entered the period of the third state of emergency from the 25th.

In the past two declarations, it took one and a half to two and a half months to release the infection, but the focus is on whether the infection can be suppressed to a level that can be released in a short period of about two weeks until the 11th of next month. It becomes.

The state of emergency for the four prefectures of Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto began on the 25th.

This is the third declaration, and the period will be more than two weeks until the 11th of next month.

Under these circumstances, the number of newly infected people on the 24th was the highest since the second declaration was lifted in Tokyo, exceeded 1000 in Osaka for 5 consecutive days, and the highest ever in Hyogo and Kyoto.

The government says that the spread of the mutant virus requires the utmost caution, and plans to take intensive measures in a short period of time during the Golden Week holidays. In addition to restaurants offering alcohol and karaoke, department stores and shopping We are requesting a closure from a large facility such as a center.

In addition, we request that we refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently and going to and from areas where the infection has spread as much as possible, and encourage the utilization of telecommuting and the taking of vacations during long holidays, aiming to reduce the number of employees by 70%.

On the other hand, the first declaration issued in April last year took about one and a half months to lift all regions, and the second declaration issued in January also took about two and a half months. It took.

Regarding this declaration, some experts have pointed out that "a period of about two weeks is considered to be short to evaluate the effect", and can the infection be suppressed to a level that can be canceled in a short period of time? Is the focus.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is requesting that large commercial facilities such as department stores over 1000 square meters and restaurants that provide alcohol and karaoke facilities be closed, and that restaurants that do not provide alcohol will be shortened to 8 pm. Request.

In addition, as a non-legal request, we will ask for cooperation in closing facilities such as theaters and movie theaters of 1000 square meters or less.

The capital will provide a cooperation fee of 200,000 yen per day to large commercial facilities, 40,000 yen to 200,000 yen per day to restaurants, and 20,000 yen per day to facilities requesting closure. I will give you a yen support.

On the other hand, we urge the citizens of Tokyo to refrain from going out unnecessarily, including during the day, and to refrain from unnecessarily urgent movement across prefectures as much as possible.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to focus on in-depth measures with the cooperation of the citizens of Tokyo and businesses to curb the spread of infection in a short period of time.

[Kansai 3 prefectures]

Specifically, in the three prefectures of Kansai, we request restaurants that provide alcoholic beverages and karaoke facilities to be closed, and if they do not provide them, or other restaurants, we request that business hours be until 8 pm. I am.

In addition, except for retail stores that sell daily necessities, the total floor area of ​​the building exceeds 1000 square meters, and facilities used by many people are requested to be closed.

Events, regardless of size or location, are requested to be held without spectators.

We urge the citizens of the prefecture to refrain from going out and moving unnecessarily, and not to drink in groups on the streets or in parks.

In addition, we request public transportation to advance the last train on weekdays, reduce flights on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and measure temperatures at major terminals.

Regarding this, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture said on the 24th, "We will put a heavy burden on you, but we will manage to suppress the infection during the period of the declaration and alleviate the medical strain as much as possible. And to protect the lives of the citizens of the prefecture. I would like to do my best, and I appreciate your cooperation. "

The three prefectures are calling on the citizens of the prefecture to cooperate again with the intention of stopping the spread of infection within the period of the declaration and alleviating the strain on medical care.