Today (24th), the ASEAN Special Summit was held in Indonesia to resolve the Myanmar crisis. Myanmar's supreme commander was present and asserted the legitimacy of the coup, but the democratic camp demanded the arrest of the commander.

This is reporter Kim Young-ah.


Min Aung Hlaing, the Supreme Commander of the Myanmar Army, arrived at Jakarta Airport on a Myanmar flight today.

Unlike usual, he was wearing a suit, not a military uniform.

It was the first time it appeared in the international community since the coup on February 1st.

Supreme Commander Hlaing moved under the strict guards of Indonesian authorities and attended the ASEAN Special Summit.

In preparation for an emergency, more than 4,000 military and policemen, explosive detection devices, and armored vehicles were deployed around the ASEAN Secretariat.

Protesters in support of Myanmar's democratization tried to approach the building, demanding the arrest of Supreme Commander Hlaing, and a struggle with the police broke out.

Myanmar's democratic camp has requested the arrest of Supreme Commander Hlaing from Interpol for the charge of the bloody suppression that killed more than 740 people.

Following the meeting of the foreign ministers last month, the leaders also joined the leaders to face each other, but it is predicted that the possibility of a sharp solution at today's meeting is not high.

Rather, accusations are high that it will only be an opportunity to assert the legitimacy of the coup with the military.

Meanwhile, in Myanmar, a minority ethnic Kachin rebel is known to have captured at least 10 government bases by raiding the bases of the government.

(Video editing: Kim Seon-tak)