Appreciate the fragrance of books, cultivate the awe-inspiring spirit; understand the rhyme of books, cultivate the virtue of political affairs.

  April 23 is the 26th World Book Day.

On different occasions at home and abroad, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly told about his "indissoluble bond" with books, calling on everyone to love reading, read good books, and be good at reading. A healthy lifestyle, so that you can learn and learn."

  April spring happens to be the time to study.

Read together how the general secretary "knows, learns, and enjoys learning", so as to raise the level of thinking, solve practical problems, and achieve self-transcendence.

Know how to read and study without getting tired

"I don't know anything, I feel ashamed, I thirst for knowledge"

  From the cave dwellings in Liangjiahe Village to the classrooms of Tsinghua University, from the locality to the central government, Xi Jinping has always seized every opportunity to study and study with the spirit of "I don't know everything, I feel ashamed, I want to know if I am thirsty".

  In 1969, Xi Jinping came to Liangjiahe Village, Wen'anyi Town, Yan'an from Beijing, and he worked for 7 years.

When he came to Liangjiahe in the countryside, he brought a heavy box of books with him.

Working during the day, reading during work breaks, and reading on the loess slopes when herding sheep... In the evening, I studied under a kerosene lamp until late at night.

In the memory of villagers, Xi Jinping often reads "books as thick as a brick" while eating.

  In February 2003, "Zhejiang Daily" added a special column-"Zhijiang Xinyu" column.

During his tenure as secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Xi Jinping published 232 short essays in the "Zhijiang Xinyu" column under the pseudonym "Zhe Xin".

  Among them, in the article "Read More to Cultivate Political Virtues", he said, "It is necessary to truly regard reading as an attitude to life, a job responsibility, a spiritual pursuit, and a realm requirement, so that all useful knowledge, All the culture of cleanliness enters our minds and hearts, precipitates in our blood, and merges into our political behavior, so as to be self-cultivation and cautious, ethical and self-respect, upright and honest, clean and self-preserving, resisting corrosion, and never sticking to it. Always maintain the advanced nature of party members."

  Life has a limit but knowledge not.

On March 1, 2013, Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech at the celebration meeting for the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Central Party School and the opening ceremony of the 2013 spring semester: In this era, one person has to read more than ten years of books for a lifetime; in the era of knowledge economy, one must study for a lifetime in order to keep up with the progress of the times. If we don’t work hard to improve all aspects of knowledge, we don’t consciously learn all kinds of things. Scientific and cultural knowledge. If you don’t take the initiative to speed up the update of knowledge, optimize the knowledge structure, and broaden your horizons and horizons, it will be difficult to enhance your skills, and there will be no way to win the initiative, gain advantages, and win the future."

  No matter how busy he is at work, he always maintains the habit of reading.

"Now, what I can often do is to read books. Reading has become a way of life for me. Reading can keep people alive, be inspired by wisdom, and nourish awe-inspiring spirit." February 7, 2014, Xi Jinping replied in an exclusive interview with Russian TV in Sochi, Russia.

Read and learn well

"All aspects of human life can be enlightened in literary works"

Reading well, "book fan" Xi Jinping takes into account the "horizontal" and "vertical" of reading when choosing what to read.

  The "horizontal" of reading, reading widely, covering more content——

  Xi Jinping often quotes excellent Chinese traditional cultural classics such as "The Analects", "Historical Records", "Chunqiu", "Hanshu", and "Warring States Policy". This shows that he has extensively involved in Chinese literature. In addition, Xi Jinping has also read a large number of foreign literary classics.

  "Leading cadres should study knowledge in economics, politics, history, culture, society, science and technology, military, diplomacy, etc. in accordance with the needs of their work, and continuously improve their level of knowledge and specialization." March 1, 2013, Xi Jinping Talked about it in the speech at the celebration meeting of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Central Party School and the opening ceremony of the 2013 spring semester.

  The "longitudinal" of reading, deep reading, specialization in art——

  ——From the perspective of age, how do you persevere and study tirelessly no matter what age you are in?

  At the opening ceremony of the second batch of advanced training classes and special seminars of the Central Party School in the spring semester of 2009, Xi Jinping delivered a speech entitled "Leading Cadres Should Love Reading, Reading Good Books and Being Good at Reading" to "readers" of different age groups. Encouraging Learning".

  "When you are young, you have a good memory and a strong receptivity. You should read some good books that have a key and decisive influence on your lifelong growth. When you are middle-aged, you have vigorous energy and a broad vision, and you should strive to expand the breadth and depth of reading. , To lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. When you are old, you have plenty of time and experience, you must have the spirit of perseverance, the attitude of frequent reading, and the perseverance of reading. "

  ——From the professional level, among the vast array of books, how to master the reading method, read skillfully and read well?

  "On the one hand, we need to use'skills' in reading, read skillfully, read truthfully, read deeply, know how to make choices, pay attention to thinking, don't be nerds, and don't let harmful information fill our minds; on the other hand, we cannot read Reading is too easy to read, do not ask for a thorough understanding, can't grasp the essence, can't grasp the essence." Xi Jinping mentioned in "Zhijiang Xinyu".

  Regarding how leading cadres read well, Xi Jinping said that in general, leading cadres should generally read the following three aspects of books.

First, contemporary Chinese Marxist theoretical works.

Second, all kinds of knowledge books necessary to do a good job of leadership.

Third, excellent traditional cultural books at home and abroad in ancient and modern times.

Enjoy reading and apply what you have learned

"Hearing is not as good as seeing, and seeing is not as good as practicing"

  From "I have a lasting feeling on paper, I must practice it when I have no knowledge of this matter" to "Hearing is not as good as seeing, and seeing is not as good as putting it into practice." Xi Jinping has repeatedly quoted these ancient sayings to clarify the importance of reading and practice.

  "Improving the ideological level, solving practical problems, and achieving self-transcendence" in reading is always the meaning of his study and scholarship.

Reading is inseparable from thinking——

  Learning without thinking means nothing. Only by learning to "think" frequently in reading, can knowledge be constantly learned and used for oneself.

  "The process of reading and learning is actually a process of continuous thinking and cognition. Thinking is the deepening of reading, the inevitable cognition, and the key to reading books." Xi Jinping believes that "Leading cadres should focus on improving their ideological standards. Enhance work ability, improve knowledge structure, improve spiritual level, choose books that are closely related to the work you are engaged in, and read by your hobbies and interests, and strive to achieve the best reading effect in a limited time."

  Reading is inseparable from practice——

  The purpose of learning is to use, and its fundamental is to enhance work skills and improve the level of solving practical problems.

  "Leading cadres insist on the combination of reading and application, and they must enhance their ability to use in the process of reading, and improve their level of reading in the process of application." Xi Jinping said.

  As far as leading cadres are concerned, how to strengthen the application of knowledge, Xi Jinping talked about the need to "be brave in practice and transform knowledge into ability", "use theory and knowledge to transform the objective world" and "use theory and knowledge to consciously transform the subjective world". Strengthen its efforts.

  On June 24, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech during the 15th collective study session of the 19th Politburo of the 19th CPC Central Committee, “We must work hard on self-improvement, consciously learn from books, learn from practice, and learn from the people. ".

  Reading and thinking, learning and practice complement each other. Only by "learning, interrogating, thinking carefully, discerning, and practicing" in reading, can you improve your work level and increase work effectiveness.

  The starting point and the whole process of studying and pursuing scholarship also reflect problem-oriented, goal-oriented, and result-oriented.

It is necessary to proceed with the problem and to solve the problem as the learning goal, in order to achieve the realm of Xiu Qizhiping.

Reading together to learn from history

"The history of the party is the most vivid and convincing textbook"

  At the important time node of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, how to combine reading and practice has higher requirements——

  "It is necessary to combine the study of party history with summing up experience, contemplating reality, and promoting work, transforming the results of learning into motivation and effectiveness of work, and preventing the "double skin" between study and work. This time the study and education of party history should be combined with solving practical problems. Get up and carry out the practical activities of'I do practical things for the masses'.” On February 20, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s vocal remarks at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference are the integration of reading, study, thinking, and practice. Vivid embodiment.

  At the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping also emphasized, “We must encourage the creation of party history-themed literary works, especially film and television works, carefully organize the publication and distribution of party history-themed publications, and give play to the importance of the Internet in party history propaganda. effect."

  A hundred years is exactly the glory of prosperity.

To learn from the past and to know the future, it is even more necessary to draw nutrients from the books, using history as a mirror and history to make aspirations.

On March 15th, the Party History Study and Education Book Publishing Symposium and Special Preach Mobilization Meeting was held.

Four books have been added to the study "book list"-Xi Jinping "On the History of the Communist Party of China", "Excerpts from Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao on the History of the Communist Party of China", "Questions and Answers on the Study of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era", "Chinese Communist Party Briefs" history".

  At the same time, under the guidance of the Office of the Leading Group of Party History Study and Education, the official website of Party History Study and Education and the official WeChat account "Party History Study and Education" organized by People's Daily Online and the Chinese Communist Party News Network were officially launched.

The "Party History Bookshelf" of the website clearly displays all kinds of books on Party history learning and education; the official WeChat public account uses "listening and learning" and other diversified forms to study "A Brief History of the Communist Party of China" and other books with readers. , Books from "paper" to "online" step by step to open up reading channels and enter human life.

  Only by understanding history can we see far, and by understanding history can we go far.

Standing at a new starting point, we should “learn history clearly, learn history to increase credit, learn history to respect morality, learn history and practice” in reading and learning, and implement the spirit of tirelessness in learning, effective learning, and application of learning, so as to learn and improve wisdom. , Learn to cultivate one's body, learn to increase talent.

  Let reading light up life and write new chapters with practice.