Ivo has decided to take a closer look at the social services' work regarding complaints about children that the municipality receives.

The decision was made after Ivo identified serious deficiencies in which an infant was killed by his mother.

- There were serious shortcomings in this case, but we have also found shortcomings earlier in the social services in Oxelösund municipality.

says Åsa Lejon Konnman, inspector at Ivo.

"We will see that they do the right thing in the future"

Ivo will review the municipality's handling of prior assessments, such as protection assessments.

One should also look at the municipality's handling of child care investigations, that these take place quickly and that the municipality takes active investigative measures.

In addition, you should look at children being allowed to speak.

- We will ask the municipality to pick out a number of cases and see that they do the right thing in the future, says Åsa Lejon Konnman.

In the video above, Katarina Haddon, head of the social administration in Oxelösund, comments on three of the points where Ivo has been critical of the municipality.