Drawing: Li Xueyao

  Today is the sixth China Space Day,

  The name of China's first Mars rover was announced in Nanjing.

  After the global call for names, expert review, online voting and other layers of selection,

  The final review result is set:

  Zhu Rong!

  Zhu Rong is revered as the earliest fire god in traditional Chinese culture,

  It symbolizes that our ancestors used fire to illuminate the earth,

  Bring light.

China's first Mars exploration mission, the Mars Rover.

Drawing by Li Guiliang

  The first Mars rover was named "Zhu Rong",

  It means to ignite the fire of interstellar exploration in our country,

  Guide mankind to the vast starry sky,

  The unknown continued exploration and self-transcendence of the universe.

  Is there any other life on Mars?

  Is it possible to "migrate" to Mars in the future...

  Carrying the wisdom and expectations of countless people,

  "Zhu Rong" left the embrace of the earth,

  It embarked on China's first "fire detection" journey.

What is "Zhu Rong" busy with during the space journey?

  The first space travel,

  It has been more than a few months now,

  "Zhu Rong" was not idle at all,

  The pace of work can be said to be very tense!

Tianwen-1 sent back the first image of Mars.

Photo courtesy of China National Space Administration

  With the assistance of Tianwen No.1,

  They sent back the first image of Mars for Earth.

①Acidaliya Plain; ②Crysse Plain; ③Ziwu Plateau; ④Schiapareli Pit; ⑤Valley of Sailors.

Photo courtesy of China National Space Administration

  In the picture, the Plain of Ashidaria on Mars,

  The Cluse Plain, the Ziwu Plateau, etc.,

  The iconic landforms are clearly visible.

  Many aerospace fans are excited.

Effect picture.

Photo courtesy of the Eighth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

  Currently, Tianwen No.1 carries "Zhu Rong",

  Mars orbit detection has been achieved.

  During this time, they observe the landing site,

  Carry out pre-landing zone imaging detection,

  Including topography, geology,

  Landforms and whether there are environmental conditions such as sandstorms,

  To prepare for this year's selection of an opportunity to implement Mars landing exploration.

  It is understood that

  Off-orbit landing is the key to the success or failure of the Mars exploration mission.

  Especially from entering the Martian atmosphere to landing,

  There is a world-famous "7 Minutes of Horror".

  In the current more than 40 Mars exploration missions in the world,

  Only 9 times have been able to spend these 7 minutes safely.

  Such an excellent Tianwen No.1,

  The rover on board,

  How can there be no name?

In order to name it, this year's netizens spelled it

Photo courtesy of the Press and Publicity Center of China National Space Administration Photo by Zhang Gaoxiang

  July 23, 2020

  China’s first Mars exploration mission,

  Tianwen No. 1 detector,

  The Long March 5 carrier rocket was successfully sent into the intended orbit.


  The probe flew for several months and finally reached Mars.

  After a successful soft landing,

  The rover will stay on the surface of Mars,

  Carry out scientific exploration tasks such as inspections and surveys.

  On the second day of the launch of Tianwen-1,

  The global naming campaign for the rover also started.

  After the news was announced,

  Netizens have a lot of thoughts and enthusiasm.

  Played the rhythm of "going to heaven",

  Names such as "Dare to Detect" and "Hot Wheels" were proposed.

  The mars rover naming activity is divided into the solicitation of name submission,

  The judges first rated the top ten, and the public voted the top three.

  Weighted assessment of the top three and four stages,

  Finally, the results will be announced after approval.

  On January 18 this year,

  After review and voting by the review committee,

  Hongyi, Qilin, Nezha, Chitu,

  Zhu Rong, seeking, hot wheels, dreaming,

  Ten names such as Tianxing and Xinghuo,

  Stand out from nearly 40,000 valid nominations,

  Selected as one of the top ten global preliminary assessments.

  After that, through 40 days of public online voting,

  "Zhurong", "Nezha" and "Hongyi"

  Lock the top three seats.

  Finally, today,

  In the much anticipated and anticipated,

  The name of China's first Mars rover was announced in Nanjing.

  Everything is settled!

  How does "Zhu Rong" work?

  What is a rover?

  What does it look like?

  The rover is launched by humans and travels on the surface of Mars.

  And a vehicle for investigation.

  The rover carries important missions such as patrol and exploration of the surface of Mars,

  Open the door to Mars for China,

  Make people truly enter deep space and approach Mars.

Sideways image of Mars taken by "Tianwen-1".

Photo courtesy of China National Space Administration

  After reaching Mars,

  The rover will work on the surface of Mars for more than 90 days,

  In addition to detecting operations,

  It will also transmit back to Earth what you have seen and heard in space.

  The square box on top of the rover,

  Are the "eyes" of the rover,

  Which is the camera,

  Help the Mars rover implement forward real-time detection,

  And to identify the mineral composition.

  On the rover,

  It is also equipped with solar panels.

"Tianwen-1" probe Mars capture process images.

(Directional antenna surveillance camera screen)

  In addition,

  The rover is also equipped with detection radar,

  Magnetic field detectors and meteorological measuring instruments,

  Can carry out a full range of exploration of Mars...

  "Zhu Rong" brought these "artifacts",

  Carrying the concentrated accumulation of several generations of scientists,

  Will help China's first Mars exploration.

  From the Chang'e series of lunar exploration trips,

  Fly to Mars on "Tianwen No. 1"...

  China's aerospace pursuit of dreams never stops.

  Across the sea of ​​stars,

  Coming just to come to you!

  Author: Xu Shanshan