Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, April 24th, title: Digital, "light up" a beautiful China-written on the occasion of the opening of the 4th Digital China Construction Summit

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Kang Miao, Dong Jianguo, Yan Zhihong

  The information technology revolution is changing with each passing day, and the wave of digital economy development is surging.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has been looking to the future, following the general trend, and making a strategic decision to build a digital China.

With the in-depth practice of the construction of digital China, digital technology is leading and promoting changes in all aspects of economic development, social governance, and people's lives.

  On the 25th, the 4th Digital China Construction Summit (referred to as "Digital Summit") with the theme of "stimulating new kinetic energy of data elements and starting a new journey for digital China" will be held in Fuzhou. The opening of the shining digital development feast reflects a vigorous new vision of the development of digital China behind it.

 Numbers make life better

  From beautifying pictures through Meitu Xiuxiu in the virtual world, to trying on makeup using the "magic mirror" of Meitu technology in real life... This is a new "beauty change" experience created by Meitu based in Xiamen: Enhanced Realistic (AR) makeup experience.

  Wu Xinhong, Founder and CEO of Meitu, said: "From beautiful'pictures' to beautiful'people', from online to offline, we have a number of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology achievements. Beauty is the people's important demand for a better life. , We will make everyone more beautiful in real life through innovation."

  The vivid scenes of digital China construction are within reach.

You can complete online payment by swiping your face, tap the screen of your mobile phone to easily apply for a tax, and "one-click processing" on the palm of your government affairs service... Nowadays, from home travel to government affairs, represented by big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Digital technology is increasingly permeating it, and the digital economy is gradually turning the new intelligent life that people dream of into reality.

  Behind a series of vivid digital applications are the fruitful results of the construction of Digital China.

Conform to the general trend of development and meet the expectations of the people. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the release of "digital dividends" has been accelerated, "Internet +" has penetrated into thousands of households, and digital China has deeply activated all aspects of society and the economy.

  The scale of information infrastructure is the world's leading, my country has built the world's largest optical fiber network; 5G commercial speed has been comprehensively increased, and the world's largest 5G mobile network has been initially established, with 260 million 5G mobile phone terminal connections;

  Some core technological innovation breakthroughs in the information field, major progress has been made in the research and development of some basic and universal technologies, and major scientific research results have been achieved in 5G artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and quantum computing;

  "Internet + education", "Internet + culture", "Internet + medical and health" are widely used, and the level of equalization, inclusiveness and convenience of public services has been continuously improved, and online poverty alleviation has accelerated to bridge the digital divide;

  "Internet + government service" allows more information to run, and the masses less to run errands...

  The continuous innovation of digital technology is giving hundreds of millions of people a sense of gain, happiness, and security in sharing the achievements of digital China.

 Digital, enabling high-quality development

  Fuzhou Changle is one of the largest textile industry clusters in the country.

Walking into the production workshop of Fujian Jingfeng Technology Co., Ltd. located in Changle, you can see an empty environment, a dancing manipulator, and a sensitive completely lacks the appearance of a traditional manufacturing company.

  "From the beginning of the design, the company has introduced the concept of intelligent manufacturing and invested about 160 million yuan in intelligent systems and equipment." Fu Zhongxian, the relevant person in charge of Jingfeng Company, said that the "digital revolution" throughout the entire production process has allowed The company's annual direct economic benefits increased by more than 100 million yuan, and the input cost was quickly recovered, and now it is constantly creating new benefits.

  Since the start of the "Digital Fujian" construction in 2000, Fujian Province has made every effort to stimulate the magic of the "digital" era, and the digital economy is becoming a strong engine for its high-quality development.

A set of data shows the strong momentum of Fujian's digital economy: In 2020, the scale of the province's digital economy exceeded 2 trillion yuan, accounting for about 45% of GDP, and a batch of 100 billion industrial clusters in the digital economy developed rapidly.

  The tide rises in the southeast, linking the whole country.

The extraordinary achievements in the construction of "Digital Fujian" are the epitome of the rapid progress of the construction of Digital China.

With the "two-wheel drive" of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, and the integration of the real economy and the digital economy, my country's digital economy is in a state of flux.

The data shows that at the end of last year, the added value of my country's digital economy core production capacity accounted for 7.8% of GDP.

  Under the wave of digitalization, various new business formats, new services, and new models continue to emerge, and independent employment, sideline innovation, and flexible employment are flourishing.

In the countryside, a mobile phone and a selfie stick are becoming more and more farmers’ "new farm tools"; in the cities, online ride-hailing and express delivery guys are rushing around the streets and alleys... The exploration and innovation of digital China is positive Go deep into every corner of the national economy and people's livelihood, let the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship burst out, and let the benefits of convenience and the people flow.

 The Construction of Digital China Sets Sail

  The most is the April day in the world, a river of spring water is full of flowers in the city.

In the spring season, the beautiful Rongcheng is about to usher in the 4th Digital Summit.

On the banks of the Min River, the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, the main venue of the summit, is just like spreading its wings and welcoming visitors from all directions.

  Looking back on the past three sessions, the summit gathered a lot of businessmen to create a platform for industry-university-research-application cooperation built by Digital China, attracting a number of large and good projects in the digital economy to settle in Fujian.

Through the holding of three summits, Fujian Province has signed a total of 888 digital economy projects, with a total investment of 714.2 billion yuan. At present, 158 projects have been completed.

  While the Digital Summit promotes the continuous deepening of the construction of "Digital Fujian", the spillover effect is obvious, which has helped accelerate the development of China's informatization.

New products such as robots, drones, and unmanned driving are fascinating, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain are competing on the same stage...Three consecutive exhibitions of brilliant digital China construction achievements, which outline the digital era from different sides New look.

  Chen Lei, chairman of Pinduoduo, who participated in the 4th Digital Summit, said that Pinduoduo uses big data, cloud computing, distributed artificial intelligence and other technologies to create a "cloud-based farmland" model to promote the transformation of agricultural product sales.

"The combination of digital elements and existing production factors can open up new business formats. I hope this summit will help more digital economy innovations to be implemented, especially in the agricultural field."

  Since the beginning of this year, various regions have accelerated the deployment of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers, accelerated smart manufacturing, built smart cities, and fully released the vitality of data elements... Looking to the future, a series of new digital applications are accelerating, and digital China is ushered in Broader development prospects.

  The 4th Digital Summit held in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" will surely set off a new wave of digitalization in China, and Digital China is heading for a better future.