A unique object has appeared that stimulates the curiosity of graduates who miss college life.

On the 2nd of the local time, foreign media such as the Chinese media'The King of Zhongxin' introduced an object developed by a university professor in China to preserve the romance of the campus.

Professor Zhukai of Nanjing Forestry University of Chemical Technology, looking at the beautiful flowers on the campus, thought, "I hope that students will remember the romance and atmosphere of this campus even after graduation," and further made a special development plan.

It is the

scent to make you remember the school.

Among them, Professor Jukai was the first to study'Spring Perfume', regretting that the cherry blossom landscape representing the school disappears in one to two weeks.

After the successful study of'Spring Perfume', Professor Jukai expanded his research into seasonal flowers, taking advantage of the campus characteristics where various flowers bloom in each season. As a result, we have developed a unique fragrance that blends various flowers blooming on campus, including cherry blossoms, wisteria, peach blossoms, and red peonies.

Even though it is not officially released, if the finished perfume comes out soon, students of the university can enjoy the four seasons of the campus, which are enriched with cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, acacia (summer), cassia (autumn), and plum (winter) blooming in spring even after graduation. There is.

As the news became known, it was reported that various schools in China were also requesting to develop'Campus Perfume'.

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(Photo = Captured by Weibo'Central God King' channel)