For long decades, stories and tales of spotting UFOs that have always inflamed the imaginations of many have spread, and theories and explanations have arisen with them, ranging from being optical illusions, to being sophisticated modern weapons hidden by major countries, to being exploratory missions from other planets containing sane creatures who came to explore the planet and study its inhabitants. .

Future air ships

But the Russian company, Aerosmena, decided to inspire the design of controversial UFOs so far, to be the shape of the future "airships", which it intends to launch in 2024.

Air ships present a new concept for the transport of goods and will change the world of commerce forever (communication sites)

A report by Interesting Engineering indicated that these ships are expected to make a major revolution in the global economy and in the processes of trade exchange and transport of freight and goods. They may even lead to a reduction in maritime transport as a cheap means of shipping and transporting goods around the world, and with it the importance will diminish. Navigation channels such as the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, and others.

The reason is that these airships will be so bulky that they can carry a load of up to 600 tons of cargo.

This may seem like a lean cargo with what ships carry at present, but there is another advantage that these airships will be able to load and unload cargo anywhere, regardless of the infrastructure on the ground and how well they are prepared for these operations.

what does that mean?

It simply means eliminating the need for ports, roads, airports and runways.

These air ships are able to take off vertically and land vertically or fly stably in the air, with the ability to download and load containers using a set of lifting reels, whether at sea or anywhere on land.

Not only that, but it also means the emergence of the possibility of delivering cargo containers from door to door, without the need for storage or delays due to customs clearance processes, which will eliminate the costs of logistics and warehousing services, or greatly reduce them.

The cost of flying aerial ships is much lower than the current cargo planes, according to the same report.

The air ship can load cargo containers at sea (communication sites)

Design advantages

The company says it chose to design flying saucers for airships because it allows for greater maneuverability and landing at a vertical angle, unlike other aerial vehicles that use the traditional longitudinal shape that resembles the shape of birds.

Not only that, but this design - along with its visual appeal - will enable air ships to deliver cargo loads in mountainous areas and rugged terrain that by their nature are not suitable for current aircraft of traditional design.

This possibility opens the door to an endless number of applications and areas of benefit, including extinguishing fires in forests, delivering weapons and supplies to soldiers in rugged areas, or delivering aid, food and aid to affected and deprived peoples.

Regarding the design of these airships, Aerosmina said that it includes two gas chambers to provide lift capacity.

In the model of airships with a capacity of 600 tons, 620 thousand cubic meters of helium will be used to achieve buoyancy or "zero" flight, meaning constant flight in the air, and there is a huge cavity filled with air that is heated to 200 degrees Celsius from 8 propeller engines , In order to lift the load.

Air ships will not be limited to transporting goods, but will exceed them to humans (communication sites)

The company intends to manufacture different models with different payload capacities ranging from 20 to 600 tons, which have the ability to travel about 8 thousand kilometers at speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour.

The company plans to build a version with a payload of 60 tons, after which an engineering assessment of the airship's performance in flight will be conducted, in order to initiate other designs capable of lifting larger payloads.

But these air ships will not be limited to transporting goods, as the company sets among its future goals to create a modified version of it for passenger travel around the world, in what resembles flying luxury hotels.

It is worth noting that Aerosmina Air is not the only one working on designing giant aerial vehicles. Google is also working on developing a mega ship.

And someday in 2024 and beyond, we will see these UFO-like vehicles roam the skies of cities, but this time they will not arouse controversy about their identity and reality.