In the Indian capital, Delhi, six hospitals have run out of supplemental oxygen, the BBC reported.

People have died while waiting for supplemental oxygen and 99 per cent of hospital intensive care units are full.

In addition, many hospitals are only hours away from running out of supplemental oxygen.

The coronavirus has severely punished India in recent days, with 314,835 new coronavirus infections reported in the country on Thursday.

On Friday, 332,730 new infections were reported. The numbers are higher than in any other country since the pandemic began.

In total, more than 16 million corona infections have been diagnosed in India.

The number of deaths increased by 2,104 on Thursday and 2,263 on Friday.

The figure is the largest in India.

In India, however, it has been estimated that the readings are incorrect, as many states have reported cremating more deaths than normal, even if the state’s rate of corona deaths is low.

About 187,000 people have died from the coronavirus in the country.

Authorities have said the differences in figures are due to people being cremated according to the covid-19 protocol for safety.

Reasons for the rapid deterioration of the corona situation have been estimated to include lax restraint, Hindu festivities attended by millions of people, congestion in the health care system, and problems with testing.

In addition, a new virus variant has been discovered in the country that has been estimated to potentially contribute to the rapid increase in the number of cases.