Biberach (dpa / lsw) - The State Health Office (LGA) expects an increase in hantavirus diseases for the Swabian Alb region.

The Biberach district office reported on Friday.

There have already been two sick people in the district in the past few weeks.

A sharp increase in the rodent population is expected as a result of the beech fattening last year.

Including those of the dormouse.

The excretions of these animals, also in dried form, were the main source of infection with the hantavirus in Germany.

In both cases in the Biberach district, clearing and cleaning attics and stables could be identified as the site of infection.

According to the report, dust was whirled up from the excretions of the mice and inhaled by the sick.

The health department therefore recommended wearing an FFP2 mask when cleaning places popular with mice such as sheds, attics or stables and when stacking wood.

According to the State Health Office, infections with the hantavirus usually cause illnesses with flu-like symptoms - high fever, headache and body aches;

also nausea or vomiting.

The kidneys can also be impaired, leading to acute kidney failure.

Only the symptoms can be treated, there is no vaccination.


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