Rostock (dpa / mv) - Gorilla boy Moyo in the Rostock Zoo turned one year old on Friday - and was given a swing.

In the outdoor area of ​​the Darwineum, this was built for Moyo and his half-sister Kesha.

The gorilla children can play together on the swing.

For the photo session, the monkeys came out briefly to look for the hidden food.

Then they quickly disappeared inside again - probably because of the cold.

Kesha was one year old a few weeks ago.

The female gorilla Yene gave birth to a girl on March 16, 2020, and the female Zola to a boy on the night of April 23, 2020.

The father of the two is the gorilla Kwame.

“Moyo has developed into a daredevil”, reported animal keeper Kerstin Genilke.

The monkey children mainly eat vegetables, but also drink breast milk.

By chewing branches, they clean their teeth.


For zoo visitors, a new gorilla sleeping nest in a treetop will invite them to climb.

The game idea should promote the preservation of the animals' habitat, said zoo director Udo Nagel: "The gorillas are also acutely endangered."

According to the zoo, there are still around 90,000 wild western lowland gorillas.

Their natural habitat is near the equator in western Africa.

Rainforest deforestation, hunting, poaching and human-introduced diseases are decimating their populations. 

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Gorillas in the Rostock Zoo