Once upon a time there were three cats, one-year-old juveniles Renttu and Rontti and a ten-year-old Maltese moor.

They lived in Mäntsälä with Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio and these four children.

Summer was approaching.

One beautiful day, the children forgot to open the door and the young packages slipped into their own ways into the open world.

Spacious and dangerous.

Malta restrained itself.

Age brings wisdom.

It is not advisable to go towards the dangers if they can be easily avoided by staying home.

This happened eight years ago, in 2013. That May is remembered by the hostage couple Atte and Leila Kaleva returning home.

It would take an incredible eight years before Rontti returned.

The relaxed never returned.

It was left the next day near the home under the car while at the end of the street and returning to the front door.

We don’t know if Rontti was with his fleeing buddy when the tragic accident happened.

They were not siblings.

Rontti was originally from Porvoo, Renttu from Vantaa.

Both were honest Maatiainen.

The relaxed died, Rontti disappeared.

Summer came, autumn came, after winter came spring and new summer.

So the sun circled, and so the seasons circled, and the years slowly rolled forward.

We lived in cold winters and mild winters, snowy and light snow.

“Summer left, winter left, but Lazy Jaakko did not leave” was poem about Marshal Jakob de la Gardie, who occupied Novgorod for six long years in the 17th century.

For Ront, six years was not enough.

In Kerava, the story of a “wandering coward”, an orange-red fur-haired cat walking its own roads in the Sorsakoski region, began to circulate in the mouths of ordinary people.

The “red coward” is orange in tone and has a striped tail like a cat in the big world. Photo: Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio

Where it came from, where it went, it was not known.

It was considered an incurable wanderer, a displaced catfish, and became a small “celebrity” at the local level.

So small that the reputation did not extend to Mäntsälä.

For that “red coward” was, of course, Rontti, who had thrown Mäntsälä in his opinion and settled permanently in Kerava.

Maybe the memory of the Rentu car accident was too sore.

Rontti spent the typical shadow life of a half-world cat.

Probably the benevolent people of Sorsakoski helped it, because at no point did Rontti lose his credit to humanity.

And how else would it have managed over the frosty winters?

Very little is known about this period in Ront's life.

Then Rontti began to apply for a certain house more and more often.

One April day, it encouraged her mind and walked in the door, from the hallway to the balcony, and fell asleep there.

The journey had been a long one.

Rontti was captured and taken to Onnentassu, a zoo.

It was a kick of luck.

A security chip was found in Ront in the animal shelter, on the basis of which Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio could be contacted.

It was a surprise ...

In the fortune-teller, Rontti's tangled coat was shaved bare on the back and Rontti got a cod worm.

What was temporarily lost in appearance was again overcome in the joy of seeing when Tiia came to pick up Ront.

The journey home began when Rontti voluntarily came to the transport booth. Photo: Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio

There is no certainty as to whether seeing again was two-sided.

What did Rontti remember from his former life?

It was now a middle-aged collie, who had seen a lot of new countries or at least Central Uusimaa and experienced many kinds of adventure.

Was childhood even a mere memory?

And it did not know that a small formality awaited it in the near future.

Food will be carried in front again Photo: Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio

In any case, Rontti was on his way home.

No longer in my old home in Mäntsälä, but in Tiia's new home in Orimattila.

There were also two new children at home and a five-year-old girl named Mimmi.

Grandma Malta still lived.

The house was also inhabited by the barren-looking but kind Mörkö, whose breed background moved on the axis Canary Dog - Cane Corso.

So far, Rontti has lived in quarantine in his own room.

It is kind to Tiia, wants a scratch and spins praise.

It still alienates Mörkö, but who doesn't, based on appearance.

Wild habits Rontti has left behind.

However, since it has a certain background, Tiia is going to be careful not to repeat the flight.

The ramp can only be exited on a leash or in a farmed area.

Oh, and that little formality that was mentioned above.

The doctor's appointment has already been ordered.

- Next week the balls will get a ride, Tiia says.

Ront’s years of passing are finally over.

It took a lot, and wasn't even particularly hungry to find it.

Turkey had to be barbered.

It had been caught on the way by all sorts of tangles.

Next, the “balls” are cut. Photo: Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio

Ront's story is like a storybook.

The years of the young package.

In eight years, it lived through all parts of Gösta Knutsson's beloved Pekka Töpöhäntä series: Rontti's Adventures, Rontti's New Adventures, Rontti in Kerava, How Rontin Goes, Rontti Gets Off, Kiri kiri Rontti and Yliveto Rontti.

For the time being, the overdrive was Ront's performance.

A cat is said to have nine lives.

We don't know how many Rontti spent in eight years.

There were certainly a lot of dirty places to rely on for mustache.

Ront's story has been told by MTV and HS and the first Animal Welfare Center and pet hotel Onnentassu on its website.

There is a call to make a better future for cats by signing a citizens' initiative in favor of cat identification.

Rontti unknowingly carried out a larger task.

Drove all the cats thing.

During his eight years of touring, Rontti has learned that a door is a door and made to secure it. Photo: Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio