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21 April 2021 In order not to slow down the vaccination campaign, the Piedmont Region is ready to buy refused and therefore unused batches of the AstraZeneca vaccine from Denmark, in order to guarantee supplies to family doctors forced in recent days to slow down inoculations due to the lack of doses.

"From the Embassy - says the regional councilor for Covid Research, Matteo Marnati - we have been confirmed that the Danish government is evaluating the requests received also from other countries and that they will take into consideration that of Piedmont. Of this opportunity, which we would like to take advantage of. and deepen, we have already informed the Ministry of Health ".  

'' These doses - adds Marnati - would allow us to continue at full speed with the campaign which, in Piedmont, has already exceeded a vaccination force of 30 thousand daily doses, in particular by guaranteeing supplies to our family doctors, who in these days have been forced to slow down with their patients' vaccinations due to shortages of AstraZeneca vaccine doses " 

Today's numbers in the Region

24,929 people have received the vaccine against Covid reported today to the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region (data at 18.30). 5,331 were given the second dose. Among those vaccinated in particular are 6,095 people over 80, 6,562 people in their seventies (of which 1,839 vaccinated by their own family doctors) and 8,435 extremely vulnerable people. Since the beginning of the campaign, 1,296,673 doses have been inoculated (of which 393,458 as second doses), corresponding to 93.3% of 1,389,820 currently available for Piedmont. 109,980 doses of Pfizer and 29,600 doses of Astra Zeneca are in distribution today. Tomorrow 12,800 doses of Johnson & Johnson are expected in Piedmont.