April 21, 2021 "Hosting Euro 2020 is a great sign of hope and restart. We are working belly to earth, the first thing is a large fan zone, and to be able to offer entertainment always in the utmost respect of Covid rules".

This was stated by the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, at the presentation of the Euro 2020 Trophy Tour. "We are ready and we can't wait to start", he added.

"I am crazy with love for my city - wrote the mayor in a post - I am proud of Rome and its citizens. This is a decisive Christmas in Rome, one of hope and rebirth. We must absolutely remain united to get out together, from the pandemic. To relaunch the city, the economy, work. We Romans will do it, because Rome is a city to love. My wish is that soon we will return to being more and more an international capital and that the championships UEFA Euro 2020, the next appointment that Rome will host, are the demonstration that together we can start again ". The mayor of Rome, Raggi, writes it in a post.

Vezzali: return to the big party stadium

"When we were called, we gave our contribution to ensure the presence of the event in Italy. These 4 stages in Italy at the Olympic stadium represent for us an occasion of great celebration, with the utmost respect for the rules against contagion. Mancini and his boys they will have the great responsibility of making us pull out the tricolor and wave it from the balconies ". This was stated by Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali during the presentation at the Capitol of the Euro 2020 matches to be held at the Olympic Stadium. "Never as now we need - he added - to be able to get the children back to see a match at the stadium and make them understand that kicking a ball is not a reason to earn a lot of money but an opportunity for growth in sport".

"It is an event that goes beyond football. Guaranteeing the matches in Rome is something we owed to the Italians. It will be the opportunity to experience sport as a big party. Even with strict protocols it will be possible to go back to cheering", added Vezzali , adding: "Never before is the time to make children dream and Mancini and his team will make us wave the tricolor".

Gravina: we hope soon more than 25% will be public

"25% of the audience in the stadium for these matches represents the minimum required by UEFA, we hope that it can also be increased when the vaccination activity will be able to increase and above all there will be a decrease in the numbers of the pandemic. a great victory to be able to carry out this event ". Thus the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, during the presentation in the Campidoglio of the 4 matches of Euro 2020 that will be played at the Olympic stadium.

Malagò: 25% of the public is in calculated risk

"This bet to host the public, 25% for now, is fully part of that calculated risk of which President Mario Draghi spoke. It was essential to put your face to it", he said at the presentation the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò.