If two people or households who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus meet, they do not need to keep their distance or wear masks, says the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

They also do not have to hand over a quarantine or a negative test statement after a trip abroad, writes the EU agency.

The condition is that no dangerous corona variants wander freely in the country to which you have traveled.

If vaccinees come together with people from the same household or their 'social bubble', who are still waiting for their injection, then ground rules are also not necessary, according to the ECDC.

Mouth masks should only be worn and should be kept at a distance if persons from a risk group are present in the household.

For example, according to the European authority, elderly people who have been vaccinated should keep their distance from non-vaccinated people.

Also in public spaces and at large gatherings, social distance and masks remain desirable, according to the ECDC.

The agency bases the new advice to the member states on the current state of science.

It is not clear whether the Netherlands will adopt the ECDC's advice.

Currently, outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge is working on a law that will make quarantine compulsory after a trip to a high-risk area.

Dutch people who neglect the measure risk a fine of 435 euros.

They must also involve a negative corona test.

In addition, the cabinet has not put forward a date for when the basic rules can be abandoned. In the recently presented opening plan, the date stated 'will be decided at some point'.