Swiss financial giant Credit Suisse has announced that its January-March financial results have fallen into the red due to losses at financial institutions in Japan, Europe and the United States over transactions with American investment companies. Did.

We anticipate an additional loss of approximately 70 billion yen in the future, which will be a major blow to management.

Swiss financial giant Credit Suisse announced its financial results from January to March on the 22nd, with a final profit and loss of CHF 252 million and a deficit of more than 29 billion yen in Japanese yen.

This is due to the recording of a loss of 4.4 billion Swiss francs and approximately 510 billion yen in Japanese yen as a loss incurred in dealings with the American investment company Archegos Capital Management.

Credit Suisse has announced that it will have an additional loss of CHF 600 million, or about 70 billion yen, in the next three months, further increasing the loss.

In response to this situation, Credit Suisse has decided to issue new convertible bonds and recapitalize it.

In addition, the Swiss financial authorities announced on the 22nd that they have launched an investigation into risk management issues for Credit Suisse, which suffered a huge loss in the transaction with "Arquegos".

Nomura Holdings of Japan and Morgan Stanley of the United States have also revealed that the problem will cause losses, and the impact is spreading to the world's major financial institutions.