The National Assembly Vice Chairman Kim Sang-hee apologized for causing the controversy by remarking "I'm very excited" when members of the People's Strength encouraged fellow lawmakers who had completed questions about the government during the plenary session on the 19th.

Vice Chairman Kim Sang-hee said, "I have something to tell you for a while before the inquiry," while watching the National Assembly's government questionnaire today. "My self-talk in the process of the plenary session two days ago gave rise to an unexpected misunderstanding. ."

He added, "I am sorry for the concern for the people who are experiencing difficulties," and added, "I will do my best to proceed with a smooth process."

In addition, Vice-Chairman Kim, a member of the Democratic Party, said yesterday, "I'm very excited, excited" without knowing that the microphone was turned on when Rep. Heo Eun-ah's question about the government was encouraged by Rep. Heo Eun-ah.

Yesterday, members of the Power of the People left the main assembly as a group asking for an apology from Vice Chairman Kim.

(Photo = Yonhap News)