On April 20, local time, the UN Secretary-General issued a statement on the death and injury of the President of Chad through a spokesperson.

  The statement stated that UN Secretary General Guterres was deeply saddened by the passing of Chadian President Deby on the morning of the same day.

He expressed his deep condolences to the family of President Deby and the people and government of Chad.

  The statement stated that President Deby is an important partner of the United Nations, especially in combating terrorism, extreme violence, and organized crime in the Sahel region, and has made significant contributions to regional stability.

  The statement stated that at this difficult time, the United Nations supports the Chadian people in their efforts to build a peaceful and prosperous future.

  The Chadian military spokesman announced that day that President Deby was injured on the front lines of government and rebel forces in northern Chad and died on the 20th.

According to reports, Chad’s parliament has been disbanded and a military transition committee has been established, headed by Deby’s son, for 18 months.

(CCTV reporter Xu Dezhi)

  (Edit Chen Yufan)