, Wuxi, April 21 (Reporter Sun Quan) "The Foundation will review and launch the "Chronic Liver Cancer Prevention and Treatment Plan for People with Chronic Liver Disease" project, and promote innovative liver cancer through the release of expert consensus and the establishment of a continuing education mechanism for first-line doctors. The popularization of early screening technology and the promotion of'liver disease management and early screening for liver cancer' throughout the country, to improve the diagnosis and diagnosis and treatment efficiency of early liver cancer patients, and consolidate the closed loop of liver cancer prevention and control."On the 21st, the first "China Liver Diseases" was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu. At the summit forum on management and comprehensive prevention and control of liver cancer, Yang Xizhong, executive vice chairman of the China Hepatitis Prevention Foundation, announced the news.

  Cancer is one of the major malignant diseases that threaten people's lives and health. It is crucial to realize the "advance of the gate" in diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, and to carry out early screening and early diagnosis and treatment.

The "Outline of the "Healthy China 2030" Plan" proposes to carry out early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

To this end, the National Cancer Center advocates the use of early cancer screening as a guide, and promotes the accelerated construction of low-cancer demonstration cities across the country.

  In November last year, under the guidance of the National Cancer Center, and with the help of the innovative technology of early screening by Genetron, a leading company in the field of precision medicine in China, Huishan District, Wuxi City, took the lead in implementing the “Early Screening and Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Liver Cancer” demonstration project to provide people in the area with an early screening of liver cancer. Screening diagnosis and health management services, the key indicators of regional cancer prevention have reached the domestic advanced level.

  Up to now, many patients in Wuxi area have detected early liver cancer and received rapid diagnosis and treatment in the city's project partner hospital.

  "In order to reduce the mortality rate of cancer, the most important thing is to implement suitable screening and early diagnosis and treatment of key and high-incidence cancers. We adopt primary prevention (cause prevention) and secondary prevention (screening, early diagnosis and early treatment). Promotion), tertiary prevention (advanced clinical standardized treatment), so that the overall population's 5-year survival rate has been steadily improved." Li Ni, deputy director of the Early Diagnosis and Treatment Office of the National Cancer Center, said that Huishan District, Wuxi City took the lead in the country. The Demonstration Project of Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Early Liver Cancer Screening is a new and effective way to use the latest screening technology to help more high-risk groups achieve early diagnosis and treatment and increase the 5-year survival rate at the level of secondary prevention.

  "We will work with multidisciplinary experts on liver cancer to form a multidisciplinary treatment plan and expert consensus for the prevention and treatment of liver cancer in people with chronic liver disease. We will organize online and offline exchanges and training sessions to provide training to professionals at all levels of hospitals across the country, and actively develop patients from high-risk groups. Education, promote the'liver disease management and early screening of liver cancer' in a wider range of clinical front lines." Yang Xizhong said.

  According to Qiu Yuanwang, vice president of Wuxi Fifth People’s Hospital, based on the technology of early screening for liver cancer by liquid biopsy, the hospital has achieved “diagnosis within three days and treatment within seven days” for patients with early liver cancer, grasping the golden window of early liver cancer treatment, and Include it in the life-long monitoring plan for liver cancer, and implement early diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer.

  The Demonstration Project of "Integrated Prevention and Control of Early Liver Cancer Screening" uses the liquid biopsy technology for early screening of liver cancer jointly developed by the National Cancer Center and Genetron Health.

In the forum, Dr. Yunfu Hu, Chief Medical Officer of Genetron Health, gave an in-depth interpretation of the latest achievements of this technology.

  In order to launch the "Chronic Liver Cancer Prevention and Treatment Plan" project, during the same period of today's forum, the China Hepatitis Prevention and Control Foundation also co-organized an expert seminar with Genetron Health, and invited more than 30 well-known domestic experts in related fields to attend the event. The results of the “Prevention and Control” demonstration project will be discussed in terms of screening technology, community referral, and diagnosis and treatment routes.

  It is reported that the first "China Liver Disease Management and Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Liver Cancer" summit forum was hosted by the Huishan District People's Government of Wuxi City and undertaken by the Administrative Committee of Huishan Economic Development Zone and Panshengzi.