The "technique" conducts practical training for emergency medicine students with a simulation model of a major accident

The Higher Colleges of Technology, in cooperation with Dubai Police, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and Leader Health Care from the health care sector, organized a realistic simulation model for a large traffic accident inside the building of the Colleges of Technology for students in Dubai, which represented a realistic training and evaluation of about 50 technicians of the emergency medicine program 36 students and 14 students, with the participation of 37 volunteers from college students, employees and from Dubai Ambulance, who volunteered to play the role of the injured during the accident.

The simulation scene included a depiction of a traffic accident resulting from reckless driving that left injured drivers of cars and pedestrians in addition to the breakage of boxes containing acid that leaked during the accident, and emergency medicine students were directed to act immediately to deal with the accident by classifying cases according to the degree of severity and starting to evacuate them from the accident site To the site of the field hospital located next to the site of the accident to deal with it and receive treatment according to the degrees of severity for each case, and the process of evaluating students during their field work in terms of experience in implementing clinical trials and working under pressure, evaluation of cases and their ability to absorb the injured and reduce the severity of the situation and coordination according to the work team And communication with high professionalism and humanity.

As the realistic simulation experience allows emergency medicine students to experience a realistic accident and learn how to receive orders, communicate, assess the situation and evacuate the injured from the site of the accident to the treatment and intimate area by dealing with emergency cases quickly, accurately and professionally, and how to deal with the injured in light of the state of panic that prevails in such situations and the effectiveness of work And coordination within the field hospital at the site of the accident.

The Chief Executive of Academic Affairs at Higher Colleges of Technology, Dr. Alex Zahavich, stressed the importance of the realistic simulation experiment that was conducted in colleges in cooperation with the competent authorities, which aimed to enable emergency medicine students to experience a realistic experience and apply what they learned during it about how to deal with people of different levels in a traffic accident The experience measures their skills, practical experience and even their personal capabilities in how to manage the situation and work in a team spirit, and the performance of students was evaluated while performing their field work, expressing his thanks and appreciation to all parties that cooperated to make the experiment a success and benefit the students, represented by both the Dubai Company and the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services And all other medical bodies, appreciating the role of volunteers and their interaction during the experiment.

For his part, the Executive Dean of Health Sciences at Colleges of Technology, Dr. Gregory Plach said: This type of field education is based on realistic simulations that support the process of assessing students in a realistic and accurate manner. Especially at the level of clinical experience, pointing out that this reflects the quality of education in the colleges of technology based on application, practice and professionalism to graduate competencies with high professional skills able to prove themselves confidently and competently in the labor market.

It is noteworthy that the emergency medicine program is offered in the branches of the Colleges of Technology in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and about 275 students are studying in it, and it is implemented in a distinguished partnership with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Dubai Police, Abu Dhabi Police, National Ambulance and Irish National Ambulance, and the combined efforts of these Local and international partners Support the graduation of qualitative competencies at a high level of readiness and professionalism to work in this important medical field and to promote Emiratisation in it.

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