China News Agency, Nursultan, April 21. News from Kiev: On the 20th local time, Ukrainian President Zelensky delivered a video speech, hoping to meet with Russian President Putin in the Donbass region in eastern Uzbekistan to end the conflict in the region and ease the conflict. The two countries hold talks on the tense situation.

  According to the Ukrainian State News Agency, Zelensky said in a video speech that evening that he was ready to hold talks with Putin "anywhere in the Donbass."

In response to Russia’s mass military buildup on the border between Ukraine and Russia, Zelensky said that escalation and war are not inevitable. Ukraine’s principle is not to launch a war first and is committed to seeking peace through diplomatic means.

"Ukraine does not want war, but we are also ready to defend." Speaking of relations with Russia, he said that although Ukraine and Russia share a common past, they have different views on the future. "We are us. , You are you".

  In his speech, Zelensky also extended invitations to other countries that support Ukraine, hoping that they can "send a clear signal" that they are willing to support Ukraine.

According to Uzbek media reports, Uzbek Foreign Minister Kuleba said on the 20th that the number of Russian soldiers assembled on the Uzbek-Russian border will soon reach 120,000, calling on Western countries to impose a new round of economic sanctions on Russia.

  In addition, in response to the recent situation in eastern Ukraine, Zelensky signed a decree on the 21st to allow reserve personnel to perform military service without a war mobilization order.

According to the official website of the Ukrainian Presidential Palace, the bill was passed by the Ukrainian parliament as early as March. It will strengthen Ukraine’s armed forces and is aimed at coping with tensions in eastern Ukraine.

  Recently, the situation in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine has continued to be tense.

The Uzbek side claimed that Russia's assembly of troops in the Uzbek-Russian border area poses a threat to Uzbek security.

The Russian side pointed out that Russia has never participated in the Donbass conflict, and the military forces of NATO countries and other forces are becoming more active in the Russian border areas, which forces the Russian side to remain vigilant.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov also stated earlier that no one will go to war with Ukraine, and no one can accept any possibility of such a war.