Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myeong criticized the supporters of Kang Seong, who sent text bombs to the first lawmakers who criticized the situation in the country. It was also said that reform of people's livelihood is more important than the discourse of reform, but some analyzes say that it is a strategy with the presidential election in mind.

This is Yoo Soo-hwan.


Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myeong visits Yeouido, Seoul for the first time since the re-election.

He said his Democratic Party had no face in the re-election.

[Jae-myeong Lee/Governor of Gyeonggi-do: On the one hand, there is no aspect that was expected, but I really thought it was a point to reflect deeply.] The

ruling party leader's keynote, which proclaimed uninterrupted reform, was written in a detour.

[Jae-myeong Lee/Governor of Gyeonggi-do: A huge discourse of reform is also important, but I think that small practical reforms that improve the daily lives of our people and reform of people's livelihood are really important... .] In

particular, some first-choice lawmakers criticized the party's lukewarm response during the'motherland crisis' and then criticized the intention of receiving a'text bomb' from the supporters of Kang Sung.

[Jae-myeong Lee/Governor of Gyeonggi Province: It is not right if the way of expressing opinions is violent or out of the ordinary. Because there is a side that is overrepresented and there is a side that is overreacted... .] A

key official from the governor's side commented on the background of his remarks, saying, "The tail is shaking the body," and "Does the text bomb contain public sentiment."

On the other hand, a member of the ruling party's in-house leadership, who is classified as a'familiarity', responded, saying, "As an opinion, it is only necessary to interpret it in terms of diversity."

Some analyzes say that Governor Lee Jae-myeong is strategically drawing a line with strong supporters of pro-inmates who are strong against him ahead of the presidential election.