Japan officially refused to talk about today's (21st) ruling. The Japanese reaction will be investigated by connecting Tokyo.

Correspondent Yoo Seong-jae, when the ruling to compensate 100 million won three months ago was strongly opposed by Japan, but is there any position today?


Although he avoided direct comment, saying that the judgment should be analyzed in detail, Secretary Kato said:

[Kato/Japan Secretary of State: Given the Japanese government's position on sovereignty exemption, I think it is appropriate.]

Japanese media reported the decision in detail and analyzed that there is a sense of relief within the Japanese government.

A high-ranking foreign ministry official told reporters in Japan that the ruling so far was abnormal.

In addition, when asked if this ruling would be a plus for Korea-Japan relations, it was said that it was'a million words' and said that the relationship between the two countries is at the very bottom, and there is no positive for this ruling, and it is still a big negative.


If you think about the relationship with Korea, Japan should also pay attention, but today Japanese Prime Minister Suga sent a tribute to Yasukuni Shrine.

<Reporter> The

spring festival began today at Yasukuni Shrine, a sacred place for the far right in Japan.

Prime Minister Suga made a tribute in the name of the Prime Minister for the second time since his inauguration following his inauguration in October last year.

While being aware of the conservatives, it seems that they avoided opposition from neighboring countries through direct worship.

Former Prime Minister Abe visited Yasukuni Shrine today, following a ceremonial rite in September and autumn right after his retirement.

[Abe / Former Japanese Prime Minister: I worshiped to show respect for the spirits who fought for the country and sacrificed their noble lives.]

Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it expressed deep disappointment and regret for the actions of the Japanese government and parliamentary leaders.

(Video coverage: Han Cheol-min·Moon Hyun-jin, Video editing: Jeong Seong-hun)