"B.1.618 is a novel SARS-CoV-2 lineage, primarily found in India, with a distinct set of genetic variants, including E484K, the primary variant of immune evasion," he tweeted.

According to him, some sets of variants of this mutation have also been found in the United States, Switzerland, Singapore and Finland.

This option was first recorded in India in October 2020, but has become most widespread since February.

At the same time, at present, the strain B.1.618, along with the previously detected B.1.617, have become the main variants of COVID-19 in the state of West Bengal.

Earlier in the UK, it was reported the discovery of an Indian strain of coronavirus, which may be more infectious than the Brazilian and South African variants.

At the end of March, it was reported that no coronavirus mutations detected in India were detected in Russia.