US police are investigating the recent death of an electric Tesla vehicle in Texas, Reuters reported.

Local police are said to be executing a search warrant against Tesla to focus on securing data related to the operation of the accident vehicle.

Tesla regularly receives operational data from each vehicle and reserves the right to access it.

However, Reuters reported that the accident vehicle was severely damaged, and it is unclear whether the investigative authorities will be able to retrieve the relevant data.

Earlier, on the night of the 17th night of local time in the United States, a Tesla vehicle was found dead in Harris County, Texas, when a Tesla vehicle struck a tree and caught a fire while driving off the road.

Local police say the two people died were found in the front passenger and rear seats of the vehicle, and there were no people in the driver's seat.

In this regard, the police said, "We drove into a car to test whether the dead could drive without a driver, and we got statements from people that tried to show how the vehicle was driving itself.

However, Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive, tweeted, "If you look at the data recovered so far, the autopilot function, which is an autonomous driving function, was not activated in the accident vehicle, and the accident vehicle did not purchase a'full-scale driving' system." He argued that the accident was not related to the company's autonomous driving system.

In response, the police said, "I didn't tell the police that Tesla had the data," he said. "We need that data."

The U.S. Road Traffic Safety Administration has initiated a detailed investigation into more than 20 Tesla vehicle-related accidents following an accident surrounding the autonomous driving of Tesla vehicles.