Fifa president Gianni Infantino (Ansa)

  • Football, the Superlega is born with 12 of the richest clubs in Europe.

    (Almost) everyone against

  • Uefa: "Those who go to the Super League will be excluded from everything. The players outside the national teams"


April 20, 2021 "I want to be extremely clear, FIFA is an organization built on the true values ​​of sport and we can only strongly condemn the creation of a Super League, which is something closed, which is an escape from current football institutions. there is no doubt that Fifa disapproves of this project ".

This was stated by FIFA president Gianni Infantino, speaking during the Uefa congress in Montreux in Switzerland.

"Yesterday we read and heard words like 'war' and 'crimes', terrible words if associated with the sport we love", continued Infantino during the speech. "Fifa is here to give total support to European football, UEFA, federations, leagues, teams and all fans." 

"Look at European football and its success", continues the FIFA president. "I have been at UEFA for 16 years, I have worked really hard to defend the principles and values ​​that have brought European football to success. The model of European football, based on an open system, promotions, relegations. A model that has worked and which I have defended for a long time ".

Infantino: clubs will pay the consequences

"If some 'elected' choose to go their own way, they have to pay the consequences of their choices. They are responsible for their choices. Specifically, it means, are you in or are you out? . Think about it, everyone has to think about it. "

"There is a lot to throw away for someone's short-term financial game. People have to think really carefully, they have to take responsibility."

"Everyone must think above all of the fans and all those who have contributed to creating what European football is today. We must protect it, it is our job to protect the European sports system," added Infantino. 

"Like UEFA, FIFA is a democratic, open organization. Everyone can bring ideas and proposals, but with due respect for the institutions, history and passion of so many people. I hope that everything goes back to normal, that everything comes settled, but always with respect, always acting responsibly and always with solidarity and in the interest of all football ", concluded the number one of FIFA. 

Perez: this is how we save football

"I do not do it to save Real, but to save Football. This sport is at a critical moment, what we are doing is only for the sake of the ball. If we generate profits, everyone benefits, even those who are more in bass". Florentino Perez, n.1 of Real Madrid and of the newly born Superlega, thus defends the project to which 12 clubs have joined. 

"Football must evolve and this format will guarantee us much more money - said Perez in a long interview with Chiringuito TV -, the Champions League has now lost appeal". Then the attack on UEFA: "Ceferin cannot insult as he did with Agnelli, he is unpresentable".