Regarding measures against the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Suga said that Osaka and Tokyo, where infections are spreading, should be dealt with with a strong sense of crisis, and while assessing the effects of "priority measures such as spread prevention", with local governments. He showed the idea of ​​working closely together to take measures.

At the House of Representatives main meeting, Prime Minister Suga expressed a strong sense of crisis over the status of infection with the new coronavirus, saying, "In addition to the rapid spread of infection in Osaka and Hyogo, the number of infected people continues to increase in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama. We are in a situation where we should take action. "

Then, "We will determine the effect of" priority measures "and take necessary measures while exchanging information closely with local governments. To secure the medical care provision system, formulate a plan in prefectures where infection is rapidly spreading. You don't have to wait for the system to be built as soon as possible. "

In addition, Prime Minister Suga said that it is important for the people to respond with a sense of tension, and in cooperation with local governments, he will carry out patrols of restaurants and disseminate information using TV commercials before the Golden Week holidays. I explained that I am doing it intensively.