The beginning of the end ?

In an interview with

Le Télégramme

, this Monday evening, Olivier Véran estimated that France had started "a decrease in the epidemic" of coronavirus for several days.

The Minister of Health also said he was in favor of deconfinement "territory by territory".

“For five days, we have started to decrease the epidemic.

There are fewer new cases on a daily basis: we had risen to 40,000, today we are around 33,000 cases each day on average, "he explained, saying to himself" neither optimistic nor pessimistic "on the health situation.

Some reductions in mid-May

Olivier Véran said he was open to "a territory-by-territory approach in lifting the braking measures", believing that it was necessary to study "the epidemic situation in each territory, the hospital situation and, in general, the level of saturation. hospitals in France ”before making a decision.

And the first announcements should arrive within a few weeks.

From mid-May, the government will take "a number of measures to reduce", the Minister of Health said without further clarification.

The executive has already started to prepare for the end of the crisis last week, affirming that Emmanuel Macron's ambition was to reopen the terraces and certain cultural places in mid-May.

"We are never safe from bad news"

Will the curfew be lifted before the summer holidays?

Olivier Véran did not give more details.

"All the braking measures will have to be reassessed at different times, in a progressive manner", he declared, hoping "for a calm but vigilant summer, like that of last year".

But the Minister of Health warns: "With Covid-19 and its variants, we are never safe from bad news ...", he said.

“We are still at a very high level of the epidemic and the descent is not yet sufficiently rapid and clear-cut.

We must continue our efforts, ”continued Olivier Véran.


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