Regarding the death of two people in an accident that appears to be related to the self-driving function of the electric vehicle Tesla in the US state of Texas, Tesla's chief executive Elon Musk expressed a position that "it has nothing to do with the self-driving function."

According to CNBC reports in the United States, Musk on his Twitter said, "If you look at the data recovered so far, the autopilot function of the accident vehicle was not working."

Musk also added that the accident vehicle did not purchase'fully self-driving', and that "the standard autopilot requires a lane, but the road in which the accident occurs has no lane."

Musk's remarks seem to have argued that the car's accident and the autonomous driving system are not related as the autopilot function is not activated.

Autopilot refers to the driver assistance system adopted by Tesla vehicles.

Earlier, on the night of the 17th night of local time in the United States, a Tesla vehicle was found dead in Harris County, Texas, when a Tesla vehicle struck a tree and caught a fire while driving off the road.

Local police say the two people died were found in the front passenger and rear seats of the vehicle, and there were no people in the driver's seat.

For this reason, American media reported that the accident may have occurred while driving by an autopilot.

The U.S. Road Traffic Safety Administration has launched a detailed investigation into more than 20 Tesla vehicle-related accidents following a series of accidents surrounding the autonomous driving of Tesla vehicles.