Berlin / Hanover (dpa) - Lower Saxony's energy minister Olaf Lies (SPD) has called for a readjustment in species protection for a faster expansion of green electricity in Germany.

Lies told the German Press Agency: “There are many examples in Germany in which individual, small-scale protection interests block large-scale climate protection projects in a disproportionate manner.

These are projects that would finally bring us big steps further in the energy transition, the expansion of renewable energies and thus in climate protection. "

Lies went on to say: “Anyone who wants to expand wind power has to accept that certain types could also fall victim to the systems.

Many do not want to hear that, it is also part of the truth.

If we don’t pay much more attention to the necessary climate protection, we’ll have much more dramatic consequences for species protection in just a few years. "

The construction of wind turbines, for example, is often very controversial on site.

There are many lawsuits for species protection reasons.


Pragmatic solutions are necessary, said Lies.

He supports the demands of Environment Secretary Jochen Flasbarth, who wants a federal regulation if necessary - because the states cannot agree on uniform steps.

Read: "We urgently need a readjustment of species and nature conservation on the one hand and climate protection on the other."

The expansion of renewable energies must be accelerated significantly, said the Lower Saxony minister.

"Otherwise we will not achieve the climate goals we have set ourselves."

The coalition must agree on an amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act by the end of April.

The black-red coalition actually wanted to present a concept by the end of March on how the expansion of renewable energies will continue - but the negotiations have stalled.

The background to the new expansion targets are higher EU climate targets for the year 2030.


Lies warned the Union of a blockade.

"The Union has to get off the brakes."

The artificial reduction of the supply volume - the so-called endogenous volume control - must be withdrawn again.

He referred to the move by the Federal Network Agency, which had reduced the volume of tenders due to the threat of signing.

"That sends the completely wrong signal to the industry."

The expansion is becoming more unpredictable.

"The wind industry in particular now needs more planning security than ever."

In the coming years, for example, due to the expansion of electromobility and green hydrogen, significantly more electricity needs can be expected, according to Lies.

That is why the expansion rates for renewable energies would have to be increased significantly.

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