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Japan, three months ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, the number of corona patients is rapidly increasing again. Osaka, Japan's second largest city, has decided to ask the central government to declare an emergency with more confirmed cases than Tokyo, the capital.

This is Tokyo's correspondent Yoo Seong-jae.


Osaka, Japan's second city, has decided to request the government to declare a corona emergency.

Since the 5th, the pre-emergency pre-emergency pre-emergency pre-emergency pre-emergency precautionary measures were taken to advance the restaurant closing time by an hour to 8:00 p.m., but recently, more than 1,000 confirmed cases a day came out, surpassing the capital city of Tokyo.

[Yoshimura/Osaka Governor: As the prevalence prevention measures alone are not effective enough, we have decided to request an emergency declaration.]

The situation in Tokyo is also serious.

Today (20th) there are 711 new confirmed cases in Tokyo, more than 200 more than a week ago.

As the temperature rises, nighttime activities in their 20s and 30s have increased sharply and their alertness has become loose, which is one of the reasons for the spread of infection.

[Tokyo residents: I'm going to perform on the street, see it, drink a bit, and go in.]

It seems that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is expected to request an emergency issue, but there are observations that it will be difficult to hold the Olympics, which are approaching three months, if this is the case. .

As a result of the Sankei Shimbun poll, close to 60% of the opinions that the Olympics should be canceled were more than twice that of the opinion that the Olympics should be held as scheduled.

Japan's Olympic Minister's remarks today also left a strange lingering effect.

[Marukawa / Japan Olympic Minister: It is natural in a sense to quit when anyone says that this (is not held).]

There are currently 1.21 million people in Japan who have been vaccinated more than once, and less than 1% of the population.

Questions are being raised over the Japanese government's blueprint to protect the Olympics while controlling the spread of infection with vaccines.

(Video coverage: Han Cheol-min, Video editing: Lee So-young)