Germany's centre-right ruling Christian Democratic Union has elected Rachette as a candidate to succeed Merkel, who will retire after the September federal elections.

The "Green Party," which is second only to the ruling party in terms of approval rating, also elected a candidate for prime minister the day before, and the movements of each party are in full swing.

In Germany, major political parties are facing the parliamentary elections with candidates for the prime minister who will be the face of the election, and the ruling party "Christian Democratic Alliance" on the right side of the middle road talks with the sister party "Christian Social Union" which forms a parliamentary group on the 20th After that, he announced that he had elected the leader of the Rachette party as a candidate for prime minister.

Rachette is 60 years old.

He was the prime minister of the most populous western state of North Rhine-Westphalia and became leader of the Christian Democratic Union in January.

"Which party has the best plans for Germany's future? It will be important from now on," Rachette said, expressing his intention to win the September elections.

The ruling party's parliamentary group maintains the top approval rating, but the approval rating has plummeted due to delays in vaccination with the new coronavirus.

On the 19th, the "Green Party", which has the second highest approval rating, also elected 40-year-old leader Bearbock as a candidate for prime minister, and the movements of each party are in full swing.

What is Mr. Rachette

Armin Laschet is 60 years old.

After serving as a member of the Bundestag and the European Parliament, he has been Prime Minister of the most populous western state of North Rhine-Westphalia since 2017.

It is said to be close to Chancellor Angela Merkel, and in January, she was elected leader of the "Christian Democratic Union", appealing for the continuation of the middle road line that Merkel had been promoting.

The approval rating of the ruling party's parliamentary group rose to 39% in May last year due to the evaluation of Prime Minister Merkel's response to the new coronavirus, but recently, delays in vaccination and prolonged infection control have been prolonged. It has plummeted to 28% due to growing dissatisfaction with the disease.

Against this backdrop, earlier this month, the leader of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, who is popular for his strong leadership, also named himself as prime minister candidate, and the battle with Mr. Rachette continued.