Rally artist Kalle Rovanperä, 20, has taken funny retro-inspired pictures.

Atmospheric locations include the classic weekend evening cruising and hanging out places in Puuppola and Jyväskylä in the Rovanperä homeland, such as a barbecue, garage and parking lot.

Toyota Starlet wooden and ready for outdoor use. Photo: Red Bull / Teemu Heljo

Baanalle.Photo: Red Bull / Teemu Heljo

Kalle's friends are going along.

As a driver, the party has a nostalgic Toyota Starlet.

This is a similar rear-wheel drive car model, with which Rovanperä once took its first bites from rally driving at the age of less than ten years.

- The pictures are a nice feeling.

They became great, executed with an old nostalgic grip.

I think they reach exactly the atmosphere they were looking for, Rovanperä tells Ilta-Sanomat.

Of course you had to go to the grill. Photo: Red Bull / Teemu Heljo

Photo: Red Bull / Teemu Heljo

Rovanperä's costume is crowned by Toyota's 1990s team jacket borrowed from the personal car museum of Jari-Matti Latvala, the boss of Toyota's World Rally Championship.

Latvala, 36, is so young that it was not until the 1990s that he dreamed of being washed by a professional driver.

Juha Kankkunen, 62, on the other hand, competed with adults in a Toyota factory garage in the 1990s.

Kankkunen won the fourth world championship of his career at Toyota in 1993. Kalle Rovanperä, on the other hand, had not even been born in the 1990s.

He was born in 2000.

Image: Red Bull / Teemu Heljo

Kallen gang. Photo: Red Bull / Teemu Heljo

Rovanperä is known to be the driver of Toyota's WRC team today.

He will shoot in the World Cup points lead for the Croatian asphalt rally this weekend.

- That leading position does not bring anything miraculous, good feeling, but, he assures.

Croatia is now gassing for the first time at World Cup level.

- I'm pretty confident, and new races are always interesting, says Rovanperä.