Stapelfeld / Olfen (dpa) - The reactions to the «Pinky Gloves» business idea were fierce - now the two company founders have announced that they will be taking gloves for women with menstrual periods off the market.

“At no point did we intend to discredit anyone or make a natural process taboo,” write founder Eugen Raimkulow and his co-managing director Andre Ritterswürden on the company's website under the heading “We're stopping #pinkygloves”.

Initially, «n-tv.de» reported.

And further: “The development of our product and the communication with it was not well thought out.

People make mistakes - and you have to deal with mistakes, you have to learn from them and you should also be given the chance to work on mistakes. "

All purchasing and sales activities would be discontinued.

The glove for women was presented last week in the Vox founder show “The Lions' Den”.

After criticism, investor Ralf Dümmel (54) and the two founders from Olfen in North Rhine-Westphalia were contrite.


The "Pinky Gloves" should serve to solve a supposed women's problem.

The pink gloves should make it possible to discreetly throw away feminine hygiene articles in the glove as a non-transparent garbage bag.

On the Internet, many were angry and called the product unsustainable and sexist.

In their statement, the founders also write about the extent of the criticism: “What hits us very hard in the long term is the fact that we are exposed to a violent wave of hatred, bullying and threats of violence, including death threats.

We are attacked and verbally abused on the street. "

And they affirm: "We took the criticism to heart and understood it."

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